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Stockholm School of Economics

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Jan 21—Jun 13, 2020
19 daysModules info
London, United Kingdom
SEK 190000 ≈USD 19705
SEK 10000 per day
Sep 15, 2020—Feb 6, 2021
19 daysModules info
London, United Kingdom
SEK 190000 ≈USD 19705
SEK 10000 per day


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About the course

The FEM Program prepares key talents to take on a broader managerial role. The program develops and enhances your general management and leadership skills from a multi-functional perspective. It will help you boost performance in your business today and prepare your organization to sustain performance in a constantly changing business environment.

FEM is the second step in a talent development pipeline of SSE Executive Education Consortium Programs, which starts with International Management (IMP) Program and where International Executives Program (TIO) forms the third step

The goals of FEM

During three intense, transformative modules you will broaden your core business knowledge in areas such as strategy, marketing, finance and leadership as you benefit from the expertise of participants from a wide variety of industries, functional areas, cultures and geographical regions. Upon completion of the program you will have enhanced your ability to head up a team in a multinational context and reinforced your cross-cultural communication skill base. FEM projects will create opportunities to make a real contribution to the strategic and organizational growth of your company.

The FEM program will enhance your learning within the following key areas:

  • Business Models and Business Development
  • Business Strategy and Competitive Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Innovation
  • CSR and Sustainable Business
  • Operations Management and Business Control
  • Financial Analysis and Strategy
  • Industrial Marketing and Value Creation
  • Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Distance Leadership

Program design and content

The main feature of the FEM program is its emphasis on creating value:

Formulating value

A substantial part of the program is devoted to financial analysis and strategy. It will help you understand how business models, strategies and operational efficiency are reflected in the financial statements.

Innovating value

In a competitive landscape a business has continuously to rethink its business models and strategies, and be prepared to change. These topics are afforded special program attention. We also focus on ways to broaden insights on how to implement innovation and change in organizations.

Capturing value

We focus on how a company’s financial position enables or restricts, allows or limits its future development. This component is designed to achieve both intellectual and intuitive understanding of these interdependencies.

Live Learning Projects

As a backbone of the program we work with key business challenges which each participant has identified and brought to the program. The challenges are addressed and processed throughout the program in coaching sessions and facilitated by SSE Executive Education faculty. These projects are furthered in workshops with invited guests, where the development of communication skills is an additional learning take-away.

Faculty and learning approach The entire learning process is supported by world-class international faculty and experienced coaches. The program features international faculty associated with SSE Executive Education, and includes a wide spread from academia to consultants and experienced managers from the business community.

The key content areas are woven seamlessly into the program, offering the participants an on-going learning journey through dialogue, structured learning reviews and reflection. The program sessions are designed to capture the accumulated and diverse management experience of the participant group, providing opportunities for exploring issues across business and cultural boundaries.

A holistic perspective for successful leadership

Successful management and leadership impose complex demands. Managers at all levels need to find a balanced personal competence profile which combines leadership, management control and the ability to move the business forward. Furthermore, a good manager must understand the inter-relation of these three key management perspectives. A holistic perspective is the cornerstone of successful leadership.

The challenge of integrating Business, Control and Leadership lies in focusing on how these areas interact. For instance, the complexity of corporate organizations can be addressed both from a Leadership and a Control perspective, whereas the company’s operational vision bridges Leadership and Business development.

In this truly comprehensive program, all these areas are represented and tailored to tackle the actual challenges you face in your role as manager and leader. This methodology places great demands on the learning process and on the participants’ ability to switch between various perspectives.

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Jan Jacobs

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Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg,

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Baykal Yurtsever

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Elisabeth Kamoun

As Client Director at Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education since January 2007, I am part of a group which manages large in-house tailor-made corporate management programs. Such assignments can be national or international depending on the client company. I work with several program t...


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