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Nov 25—29, 2019
5 days
Berkhamsted, United Kingdom
GBP 7650 ≈USD 9883
GBP 1530 per day
Feb 10—14, 2020
5 days
Berkhamsted, United Kingdom
GBP 7650 ≈USD 9883
GBP 1530 per day
Apr 27—May 1, 2020
5 days
Berkhamsted, United Kingdom
GBP 7650 ≈USD 9883
GBP 1530 per day
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About the course

A personal development journey for experienced leaders looking to explore new challenges and leadership approaches.

An evolution of the popular Ashridge Leadership Process, this program is designed for experienced senior-level leaders who are looking for a deeper dive into their leadership 'essence' and how to use it to accelerate their organization's transformational journey. On the revitalized Transformational Leader program, you will develop your resilience and agility as a leader, learn the skills to lead performance through change, and learn how to design and implement key strategic concepts in the workplace.

To ensure your learning has an impact on your personal and organizational goals, you'll partner with a coach to track your growth. Using a combination of psychometric pre- and post-program evaluations and through completing a final project back at work, you'll be able to assess how your perspective and leadership style has changed.

Program overview

This program enables leaders to accelerate their journey towards the next level of growth, both personally and professionally. Participants are looking to improve the quality of collaboration, have more honest conversations, and help individuals feel braver so that they release the energy and enthusiasm that drives innovation and transformation. This program uses the principles of purpose and legacy to help leaders enhance their motivation, energy, and resilience.

This program focuses on five key themes:

  1. Leadership intelligence
  2. Resilience
  3. Framing and re-framing
  4. Intuition and agility
  5. Connection

Participant outcomes

As a participant, you will:

  • Understand why you lead and what you believe is important. You will discover where you need to change and what you need to focus on
  • Clarify your ambition and (re)discover your unique purpose that is rooted in who you are
  • Identify and reframe beliefs, patterns and tempting ego traps whilst gaining a greater sense of empowerment and freedom
  • Strengthen your personal resilience through greater self-awareness and self-care practices
  • Learn the art of Mindful Leadership— being present, on purpose, and without judgement, as a daily practice
  • Learn how to increase your agility and ability to respond to challenging situations with poise, presence, humility, and humor

Organizational outcomes

Senior leaders will develop their capacity and confidence to think on their feet, be agile, and respond efectively ‘in the moment’ to emerging situations. Uncertainty and challenge need to be met with resilience and determination but equally the use of humor and a ‘light touch’ are sometimes the best responses in order to engage and motivate others. If leaders are to enable others to take initiative, to innovate, and to act autonomously, they need to be able to reduce anxiety and build trust. They will gain insight into their preferred leadership intelligence and how to efectively blend diferent approaches into their roles back in the workplace. Participants will return to work with the ability to shift some disempowering patterns, remain positive and as a result have an increased ability to innovate, experiment, and avoid repeating patterns of activity that are no longer helpful (and perhaps never were).

Who should attend

Experienced mid- to senior-level leaders who are comfortable with many tactical areas of leadership such as giving feedback, having difficult conversations, and conducting performance reviews. They are looking to dive deeper into analyzing their leadership styles and make some of the changes needed to reach the next level of development.

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Colin Williams

Colin is Professor of Practice and Adjunct Director of Open Programmes. He is programme director of a number of leadership programmes. He also works on a number of custom executive development programmes. Colin began his career in the hotel industry with spells in Germany and the Middle East bef...


Sharon Olivier

Sharon teaches, researches and consults in Career/Competencies Architecture; HR Business Partnering; Leadership and Team development, particularly in Inter-Cultural Intelligence, Engagement, Polarity Management, Spiritual (SQ) Intelligence; Talent identification, Personal and Team Wellbeing. Bef...


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