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Oxford Management Centre

Customer Profiling Techniques & Procedures

Sep 29—Oct 3
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day

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The ability to profile your customers has become an important skill in today’s competitive and customer-oriented business environment. Customer profiling will give your organisation the ability to better understand your existing customer base and identify potential new business opportunities. Customer profiling, coupled with marketing analytics, provides key customer insight that can help customer service, sales and marketing professionals increase profitability and customer loyalty. In addition, customer profiling information can be pivotal in improving your customer service initiatives.

This training seminar is designed to give delegates the techniques and procedures they require to gain insight into the behavior of their customers. This insight allows for improved customer service, increased call center efficiency, added cross-sell and up sell opportunities, streamlined sales and marketing processes, reduced costs, and increased customer service satisfaction.

  • Implement innovative customer profiling techniques to drive positive business change
  • Use customer profiling information to enhance customer satisfaction and promote loyalty
  • Measure and assess the effectiveness of customer service standards
  • Use customer segmentation to target and strengthen your sales and marketing initiatives
  • Enhance verbal and nonverbal communication effectiveness


By the end of this programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Use customer profiling techniques and procedures to increase profitability by Identifying underdeveloped market segments
  • Describe how to leverage the organisation’s relationship with the customer base
  • Utilize customer profiling techniques to design effective customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employ customer profile information to proactively generate up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Set SMART objectives for continuous improvement
  • Work effectively with each of the four customer temperament styles


This training seminar is highly-interactive and encourages delegate participation through a combination of lectures, group discussion, practical exercise, case studies, and breakout session designed to reinforce new skills. The comprehensive course manual has been designed to be practical, easy to use and facilitate learning. Delegates will gain the skills and motivation they need to create long-lasting change.


  • Improved professional image with customer base
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Enhanced inter/intra departmental communication effectiveness
  • Increased profitability
  • Greater market insight and penetration for products and services
  • Improved marketing efficiency


  • The ability to quickly and accurately identify the four basic temperament styles
  • Enhanced leadership and communication skills required for career advancement
  • Insight into their individual temperament style to optimize strengths and manage weaknesses
  • Improved negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Improved time management skills to improve daily productivity


Day1 - Fundamentals of Customer Profiling Techniques and Procedures

  • Seminar overview and learning objectives
  • What is customer profiling?
  • Breakout session: Advantages and Disadvantages of Customer Profiling
  • Understanding the concept of Emotional Intelligence
  • The history of temperament profiling
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • DISC temperament profiling system
  • Understanding the four customer temperament styles
  • Practical exercise: Determining Your Temperament Profile

Day2 - Customer Segmentation, Data Mining and Market Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Benchmarking the best and worst customer service providers
  • What is Customer Segmentation?
  • Using segmentation for gaining customer insight and market penetration
  • Data Mining
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Key Account Management strategies

Day3 - Communication and Interpersonal Skills Development

  • Keeping up with changing communication technology
  • Body language: How to read a person like a book
  • Practical exercise: Body Language Quiz
  • Identifying your customer’s preferred learning style
  • Active listening skills to improve communication effectiveness
  • Practical exercise: Listening Skills Survey
  • Questioning skills to identify a customer’s expectations and service requirements
  • Tips for giving and receiving constructive feedback

Day4 - Customer Profiling Techniques to Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Breakout session: How to Use ‘Customer Service’ to Build Customer Loyalty
  • Serving internal and external customers
  • Customer “touch points”
  • Motivating customers with rewards and incentive programmes
  • Are you a team player?
  • Teambuilding and leadership exercise
  • The benefits of measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction
  • Best practices for creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Day5 - Personal Development for Continuous Improvement

  • Your attitude makes a difference
  • Setting SMART Objectives
  • Practical exercise: Goal Setting
  • Practical exercise: Identifying Leadership Traits
  • Stress management tips
  • Time management skills to improve daily productivity
  • Practical exercise: Action Plan
  • Seminar review and feedback

Who should attend

  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Team Leaders & Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • HR & Training Professionals
  • Accounts Personnel
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Public Relations Personnel

Next dates

Sep 29—Oct 3
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day

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