Strategies to Increase Your Sales

ICTD International Centre for Training and Development

ICTD International Centre for Training and Development


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Who should attend

Marketing professionals, corporate executives, marketing managers, advertising managers, product managers, sales personnel, and others who are involved in marketing activities at all levels of the organization.

About the course

You won’t improve sales without a winning process. You need easy-to-follow sales strategies that your sales team will be excited to use, and that is why we developed a systemized process that takes you from your sales preparation to customer purchases by placing focus on the relationships, existing and new.

## Course Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Define the nature and concept of marketing in a competitive environment.
  • Understand the process of planning for marketing activities.
  • Apply the techniques used in assessing market opportunities.
  • Gather information necessary for implementing successful marketing strategies.
  • Understand the implications of the 4Ps in marketing.
  • Understand the distribution channel dynamics and how it fits the overall product marketing mix.
  • Assess and select the most strategic value- added partnerships that complement core marketing activities.
  • Apply a logical step-by-step process to produce a sound marketing plan.
  • Present a marketing plan that builds on marketing audit findings.
  • Use marketing audit findings to identify effective strategies and tactics.
  • Develop the components of the strategic marketing plan.
  • Understand and implement the different marketing warfare strategies (offensive, defensive and flanking).

## Course Outline

The Marketing Concept

  • Scope and Functions
  • A New Approach to Marketing
  • Competitive Pressures Changing the World
  • The Smart Bomb Strategic Approach

Market Segmentation

  • The Gap Growth Analysis Matrix
  • Optimal Segments: Multifactor Analysis
  • Enterprise Growth Segmentation Opportunities
  • Analyzing Segments Attractiveness and the Company Capability Related to Them
  • Drawing the Segment Selection Matrix

Blue Ocean Strategies

  • The Principles of Blue Ocean Strategies
  • Moving from Red Ocean to Blue
  • Formulating a Blue Ocean Strategy:
  • Reconstruct Market Boundaries
  • Reach Beyond Existing Demand

The Business Situation Analysis

  • SWOT and TOWS Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Environmental Analysis

Strategic Marketing Planning

  • Linking the Marketing Strategy to the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Company
  • The Marketing Planning Process

Strategy Development

  • Considering Different Strategic Alternatives
  • Analyzing Different Marketing Strategies
  • Formulating Long Term Marketing Goals
  • Selecting and Developing the Marketing Strategy for the 4Ps
  • Marketing Warfare Strategies

Tactical Planning Activities

  • Short Term Marketing Objectives
  • Positioning Strategies
  • Auditing the Product Portfolio
  • Linking Marketing Tactics to Sales Activities and Forecasts

Developing the Marketing Action Plan

  • Developing Activities for the 4Ps
  • Scheduling Activities
  • Allocation of Human and Financial Resources
  • Putting it all Together

The Brand and the Customer

  • A Matter of Perception
  • Identifying Brand Associations
  • Types of Associations
  • Using Brand Associations to Create Value
  • Understanding Brand Personality
  • Crafting the Positioning Statement
  • The Brand Promise
  • The 7Ps of Branding

Understanding Marketing Management

  • The Scope of Marketing
  • Defining Marketing
  • Core Marketing Concepts

The Process of Strategic Planning in Marketing

  • The Marketing Mission
  • Objectives and Goals
  • Marketing Audit
  • Strategic Alternatives
  • Marketing Assumptions

Market Segmentation

  • The Importance of Market Segmentation
  • The Benefits of Market Segmentation
  • Steps in Market Segmentation
  • Market Targeting and Product Positioning

Total Product Concept

  • The Product Life Cycle (PLC) Concept
  • Introduction Stage
  • Growth Stage
  • Maturity Stage
  • Decline Stage

Promotion Mix Strategies

  • Personal Selling
  • Advertising
  • Sales Promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Linking the Promotion Mix to PLC Strategies

Organizing and Managing the Distribution Channel

  • Kinds of Distribution Channels
  • Choosing the Best Channel
  • The Role of the Marketing Distribution Channels

Building the Competitive Advantage

  • Superior Product or Service
  • Superior Assets
  • Low Cost Operator
  • Innovation
  • Global Skills
  • Scales Advantages
  • Attitude
  • Superior Relationships
  • Risk Management
  • Vision

*Distribution Channels: Optimizing Market Penetration * * Key Selection Criteria to Consider * Engaging New Distribution Channels * Risks and Opportunities Associated with Distribution Channels * Business Conflicts Around: * Purchasing Agreements * Product Lifecycles * Marketing Campaigns * Product Support

Selling Skills Assessment

  • Sales Competency Model
  • Behaviors, Characteristics and Skills of a Successful Salesperson
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in Selling

Types of Selling

  • Strategic Selling and Buyers Influence
  • Planning your Calendar to Achieve Sales Goals and Build a Sales Pipeline
  • Retail (Face-to-Face) Selling
  • Relationship (Consultative) Selling
  • Hypnotic Selling and Hypnotic Sales Models
  • Characteristics of Different Selling Models, Types and Structures

Relationship Management (Partnering with Customers)

  • Technologies or Methods for Maintaining Customer Information
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Strategies to Maintain Communication with a Customer
  • Customer Marketing Pyramid
  • Relationship Marketing Management
  • Consultative Selling and Engaging the Customer in Dialogue
  • Life Time Value of a Customer (LTV)
  • Conflict Handling Techniques
  • Continuing the Dialogue with Customers on the Web via Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

Sales Closing Techniques

Attitude of the Sales Professional * Dealing with Customer Objections * Various Closing Techniques * The "Feel Felt Found" Approach * Strategies to Respond to Common New Business Objections

Sales Win-Win Negotiations

  • The Phases of Sales Negotiations
  • The Harvard Model Applied to Sales Negotiation
  • The Art of Bargaining and Concessions Handling

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Strategies to Increase Your Sales at ICTD International Centre for Training and Development

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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