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The Wharton School:
Business Model Innovation in the Digital age
COVID-19 has accelerated the need for innovation and digitization in numerous industries as the pandemic has revealed vulnerabilities and gaps in the business models of numerous companies. In the past few months, business survival has hinged on how quickly a company could pivot and adapt, no...
5 days
11500 USD
INSEAD Business School:
Strategy Execution Programme
Making your strategy work by overcoming the barriers to execution Most companies believe that – after careful strategic review, analysis and planning – they have a winning strategy. However, our latest research shows that 70 per cent of companies fail to get what they want out of their...
1 days
19694.8772 USD
Smith School of Business:
Closing the Strategy-Execution gap
Translate strategy into meaningful measurable results Today, fewer than half of organizations declare they are successful at achieving strategic objectives. 30 years ago, the success rate was 90%. What’s changed? And more importantly, how can you beat the odds to move beyond planning and...
2 days
2003.0925 USD
Business Strategy & Planning for Managers
Is your next challenge guiding a strategic planning process, and writing a strategic business plan? What is your role as a manager in defining your company's strategy? Get the business strategy skills and tools to develop the best strategic plan to support your company’s goals! ​Better strategic...
4 days
2363.3865 USD
ICTD International Centre for Training and Development:
Strategy and Strategic Planning
Strategy is a frequently misunderstood concept which needs to be translated into everyday language, and its process demystified. Strategy is not merely about achieving and keeping a sustainable competitive advantage, but is about being genuinely creative. Strategic planning is very much not...
5 days
3300 USD
UW Professional & Continuing Education:
Business Strategy & Decision-Making
Forge a Strategic Path to Meet Today’s Pressing Challenges A global pandemic. A climate crisis. A social justice movement that is demanding companies and organizations reimagine how they do business. The challenges facing today’s business leaders are formidable and complex. Successful leaders...
1 days
3747 USD
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies:
Global Geopolitics and Business Strategy
Master global geopolitics to better develop your business The Executive Short Course on Global Geopolitics and Business Strategy equips senior leaders of world renowned organisations with up-to-date knowledge following major geopolitical developments. Participants come out of the course with...
3 days
4313.8872 USD
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad:
Customer Based Business Strategy
In today’s world, macro environmental disruptions and changes in technology and regulation are frequent and affect demand, supply and costs, even as they throw up new business opportunities. Competitive offerings are blurring boundaries of product categories and showing customers completely new...
3 days
1488.0307 USD

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Harvard Business School:
1750 USD
Western Ontario University:
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Darden School of Business:
2700 USD
3600 USD

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Alberta School of Business:
636.9829 USD
Lilly Family School of Philanthropy:
1100 USD
Lagos Business School:
1 days
875.2425 USD