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Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University
Professor, Henrietta Johnson Louis Professor of Management

Sachin Gupta is Henrietta Johnson Louis Professor of Marketing at the SC Johnson Graduate School of Management. Professor Gupta''s research focuses on analytical models of marketing phenomena, including discrete choice models of consumer behavior, marketing mix models, measurement of returns on marketing investments, pricing, promotions, and advertising decisions, channel relationships, and so forth. His expertise is in the consumer goods and prescription pharmaceutical industries and the nonprofit sector.

In 2008 one of Professor Gupta''s papers received the O''Dell award of the American Marketing Association. This award is given to the authors of the best article published in the Journal of Marketing Research in the five previous years. Professor Gupta also received the Paul Green award of the American Marketing Association in 2003. In 2007, he received the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly''s best paper award for his article on customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry. Five of his other published papers have been finalists for the O''Dell award, the Paul Green award, and the John D.C. Little award. Professor Gupta has served on the editorial boards of Marketing Science and the Journal of Marketing Research.

At Johnson, Gupta teaches a popular MBA elective course called Data Driven Marketing. He has previously taught MBA elective courses in Marketing Research and Pricing, and the Marketing Management core course in MBA and EMBA programs. He teaches in a variety of non-degree executive education programs. In 2009, he received the Stephen Russell Distinguished Teaching Award, given by the Johnson class of 2004, at their fifth reunion. The 2007 graduating MBA class selected him to receive the Apple Award for Teaching Excellence. Gupta previously taught at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, where he received the Sidney Levy Award for teaching excellence.

Professor Gupta is currently co-Editor of the Journal of Marketing Research. He is also the director of Johnson''s PhD program. From 2010 to 2013 Professor Gupta was Johnson''s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. In that role he was responsible for recruitment and development of faculty, and for the school''s research function.

Selected Publications

  • Gupta, Sachin; Ravilla, Thulasiraj; Ravindran, Ravilla; Haripriya, Aravind; Vardhan, Ashok. "Residents’ Learning Curve for Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery at Aravind Eye Hospital, India" Ophthalmology (forthcoming).
  • Schneider, Matthew; Jagpal, Sharan; Gupta, Sachin; Yu, Yan; Li, Shaobo. "A Flexible Method for Protecting Marketing Data: An Application to Point-of-sale Data" Marketing Science (forthcoming).
  • Schneider, Matthew; Jagpal, Sharan; Gupta, Sachin; Li, Shaobo; Yu, Yan. "Protecting Customer Privacy When Marketing With Second-party Data" International Journal of Research in Marketing, Ed. Bruce Hardie. 34.3 (2017): 593-603
  • Schneider, Matthew; Gupta, Sachin. "Forecasting Sales of New and Existing Products Using Consumer Reviews: A Random Projections Approach" International Journal of Forecasting. 32.2 (2016): 243–256
  • Liu, Qiang; Gupta, Sachin; Venkataraman, Sriram; Liu, Hongju. "An Empirical Model of Drug Detailing: Dynamic Competition and Policy Implications" Management Science. 62.8 (2016): 2321-2340
  • Liu, Qiang; Steenburgh, Thomas; Gupta, Sachin. "The Cross Attributes Flexible Substitution Logit: Uncovering Category Expansion and Share Impacts of Marketing Instruments" Marketing Science. 34.1 (2015): 144-159
  • Park, Sungho; Gupta, Sachin. "Handling Endogenous Regressors by Joint Estimation Using Copulas" Marketing Science. 31.4 (2012): 567-586
  • Liu, Qiang; Gupta, Sachin. "The Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs on Physician Visits and Drug Requests: Empirical Findings and Public Policy Implications" International Journal of Research in Marketing. 28.3 (2011): 205-217
  • Park, Sungho; Gupta, Sachin. "A Regime-Switching Model of Cyclical Category Buying" Marketing Science. 30.3 (2011): 469-480
  • Park, Sungho; Gupta, Sachin. "Simulated Maximum Likelihood Estimator for the Random Coefficient Logit Model Using Aggregate Data" Journal of Marketing Research. 46.4 (2009): 531-542

Awards and Honors

  • William F. O''Dell Award (2008) American Marketing Association
  • Paul E. Green Award (2003) American Marketing Association, Journal of Marketing Research
  • Russell Distinguished Teaching Award (2008) Johnson Graduate School of Management
  • Apple Award for Teaching Excellence (2006) Johnson Graduate School of Management
  • Faculty Research Award (2006) Johnson Graduate School of Management

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D Cornell University, 1993
  • Post-Graduate Diploma Indian Institute of Management, 1984
  • BA Delhi University -St. Stephen''s College, 1982

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