My consulting approach by Norman Chorn
Dr Norman Chorn, 'Strategy in an Uncertain Future', MCDEM Conference 2016


GIBS Business School
Director at The BrainLink Group | Board Advisor

Norman Chorn assists organisation to improve their performance through strategic thinking and organisational design – particularly in conditions of complexity and uncertainty. By integrating principles of neuroscience with strategy and economics – he achieves innovative approaches to strategy, organisation and leadership.

He does this through:

  • Regular presentations to conferences
  • Mentoring key personnel and stakeholders in one-to-one or small group sessions, and
  • Consulting with organisations to develop future strategy, improve strategic thinking, and align the organisation with its current and future environment.

He has worked with a wide array of organisations including corporate, public sector, universities and non-government organisations.

Norman is constantly expanding and enhancing his own learning in this field. This includes:

  • His latest book Strategic Alignment – now in its 2nd Edition.
  • Regular newsletters – register here to receive them
  • Regular blog posts which includes his latest thinking on The Living Organisation
  • And the development of proprietary techniques and tools to improve organisational performance

Norman is based in Sydney, Australia and works internationally.

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