Mary Zellmer-Bruhn: Impact of Lingua Franca Policies - Global Matters


Carlson School of Management


BBA 1987
Marketing Univ. of Wisconsin

MS 1993
Management Univ. of Wisconsin

PhD 1999
Organizational Behavior Univ. of Wisconsin


  • Team composition and performance
  • The effects of context on team learning & performance
  • Time related effects in organizational behavior & teamwork
  • Crosscultural teamwork and global teams
  • Team Mindfulness
  • Knowledge Processes in Teams

Professor ZellmerBruhn is a Professor of Organizational Behavior in the Work and Organizations Department of the Carlson School of Management.  She received a bachelor''s degree in marketing, a master''s degree in management, and a Ph.D. in organizational behavior, all from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She joined the Carlson School of Management in 1999.

Professor ZellmerBruhn teaches courses at the Carlson School on the management of teams, organizational behavior, and organizational change.  She has received the Carlson School''s Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Honor''s Faculty teaching awards. 

ZellmerBruhn''s research focuses on teamwork, including the formation and design of teams, the social capital benefits of teamwork in organizations, entrepreneurial teams, knowledge management and team routines, and crosscultural teamwork. Her research is published in Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Management Science, Group and Organization Management, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Management International Review, Journal of Managerial Issues, and The Journal of Managerial Psychology. ZellmerBruhn currently serves as Area Editor for the Journal of International Business Studies. She also serves on the editorial boards of Organization Science and Management International Review, and has previously served on the boards of Journal of International Business and Journal of Management. ZellmerBruhn served on Executive Committee of the College of Organization Science (INFORMS) from 2010 2013, a was a past board member of INGROUP.

Selected Works

Yu, L. & ZellmerBruhn, M.* 2017. Introducing team mindfulness and considering its safeguard role against conflict transformation and social undermining. Academy of Management Journal, April 17, 2017. *Authorship alphabetical

Stahl, G. K., Tung, R. L., Kostova, T., & ZellmerBruhn, M. (2016). Widening the lens: Rethinking distance, diversity, and foreignness in international business research through positive organizational scholarship. Journal of International Business Studies, 47(6), 621630.

Maloney, M., Bresman, H., ZellmerBruhn, M. & Beaver, G. (2016). “Contextualizing team research: A look back and a path forward.” Academy of Management Annals, 10(1), 891942.

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Conference Proceedings

Maloney, M. M., Johnson, S. G., & ZellmerBruhn, M. E (2010). Assessing grouplevel constructs under missing data conditions: A Monte Carlo simulation Small Group Research

ZellmerBruhn, M. E., Maloney, M. M., Bhappu, A., & Salvador, R (2008). When and how do differences matter: An exploration of perceived similarity in teams Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Vol. 107 Issue 1, p4159

Maloney, M. M. &, ZellmerBruhn, M. E. (2006). "Building bridges, windows, and cultures: Mediating mechanisms between heterogeneity and performance in global teams. Management International Review. 46(6):697720.

Forbes, D. P., Borchert, P., ZellmerBruhn, M. E., & Sapienza, H.J. (2006). "Entrepreneurial team formation: An exploration of new member addition." Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

ZellmerBruhn, M. E., & Gibson, C. B. (2006). "Multinational Organization Context: Implications for team learning and performance." Academy of Management Journal

ZellmerBruhn, M. E. (2003). "Interruptive events and team knowledge acquisition." Management Science

Waller, M. J., ZellmerBruhn, M. E. & Giambatista, R. C. (2002). "The effects of shifting deadlines on attention to time in groups." The Academy of Management Journal

Gibson, C. B. & ZellmerBruhn, M. E. (2001). "Metaphors and meaning: An intercultural analysis of teamwork." Administrative Science Quarterly

Current Activities

Editorial Appointments

Area Editor: Journal of International Business Studies Current Editorial Boards: Organization Science, Management International Review Past Editorial Boards: Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management

Honors and Awards

Carlson School of Management Outstanding Faculty Service Award, 2012 Outstanding Honors Faculty, 20042005 Carlson School of Management Excellence in Teaching Award, 20032004

Research Grants

National Science Foundation Grant, 2003 2006

Scholarly Service

  • Local Arrangements Chair, INGroup Board of Directors, 2011 Annual Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Executive Committee, College of Organization Science (INFORMS)
  • Executive Committee, College on Organization Science, INFORMS. 20102013
  • INFORMS Dissertation Proposal Competition Chair: 2010

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