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Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior & HR Management

Chen-Bo Zhong is a Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at Rotman School of Management. His research focuses on ethics, moral psychology, decision making and unconscious processes. He has published in journals such as, the Science, Psychological Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. He currently serves as the associate editor at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes and is on the editorial board of Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, and Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Academic Positions

2013-  Associate Professor; University of Toronto

2006-2013  Assistant Professor; University of Toronto

2004-2006  Lecturer; Northwestern University

Honors and Awards

2010  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), 2010-2014; Research Grant

2008  The William H. Newman Dissertation Award; Academy of Management, Anaheim

2008  Best Paper Proceedings; Academy of Management, CM division, Anaheim

2007  Excellence in Teaching Award (BCom); Rotman School of Management

2006  Best Paper Proceedings; Academy of Management, CM division, Atlanta

2005  Finalist; "Excellence in Ethics" Dissertation Proposal Competition, University of Notre Dame

2004  Doctoral Teaching Award; Kellogg School of Management

2004  Best Paper Proceedings; Academy of Management, OB division, New Orleans

2000  Best Paper Proceedings; Academy of Management, OB division, Toronto

Selected Publications - Papers

Ideas rise from chaos: Information structure and creativity Kim, Y. J. & Zhong, C. B. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 2017

Witnessing Moral Violations Increases Conformity in Consumption. Dong, P. & Zhong, C. B. Journal of Consumer Research 2017

How emotions shape moral behavior: Some answers (and questions) for the field of moral psychology Teper, R., Zhong, C. B., & Inzlicht, M. Social and Personality Psychology Compass 2015

Ray of Hope: Hopelessness Increases Preferences for Brighter Lighting Dong, P., Huang, X. & Zhong, C. B. Social Psychological and Personality Science 2015

You Scratch His Back, He Scratches Mine and I'll Scratch Yours: Deception in Simultaneous Cyclic Networks Song, F., & Zhong, C. B. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 2015

The Social and Ethical Conseq uences of a Calculative Mindset Wang, L., Zhong, C. B., & Murnighan, J. K. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 2014

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Dirt, Pollution, and Purity: A Metaphorical Perspective on Morality; Zhong, C. B. & House, J.; In Landau, M. J., Robinson, M. D., & Meier, B. P., (Eds.), Metaphorical Thought in Social Life; 2014; Pages: 109-131

The Perils of Cleanliness; Strejcek, B. & Zhong, C. B.; In P. Rosch & Simon U. (Eds.), How Purity is Made. Germany: Harrassowitz; 2012; Pages: 57-67

Moral Self-Regulation: Licensing & Compensation; Zhong, C. B., Liljenquist, K., & Cain, D. M.; In De Cremer, D. (Ed.) Psychological Perspectives on Ethical Behavior and Decision Making.; 2009; Pages: 75-89

Power, Culture, and (In)Action: Considerations in the Expression and Enactment of Power in East Asian and Western Society; Zhong, C. B., Magee, J., Maddux, W., & Galinsky, A.; In Y. Chen (Ed.), Research on Managing Groups and Teams: National culture and groups; Issue: 9; 2006; Pages: 53-73

Ethical Decision Making in Group and Individual Contexts; Zhong, C. B., Ku, G., Lount, R., & Murnighan, J. K.; In A. Tenbrunsel (Ed.), Research on Managing Groups and Teams: Groups and Ethics; Issue: 8; 2006; Pages: 149-175

Strategic versus Diffusion Perspectives of Organizational Culture: Implications for Employee Commitment and Extra Role Behavior in the Chinese Context; Zhong, C. B., Hui, W., Tsui, A. S., Farh. J. L., & Cheng, B. S.; In W. Mobley and E. Weldon, Advances in Global Leadership; Issue: 4; 2006; Pages: 59-81

An Inductive Analysis of the Construct Domain of Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the PRC; Farh, J. L., Zhong, C. B. & Organ., D. W.; In A. S. Tsui, C. M. Lau, eds. The Management of Enterprises in the People''s Republic of China; 2002; Pages: 445-470

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