Assistant Professor

I am an assistant professor in Human Resource Studies, with teaching interests in HR and Staffing, and research interests in gender, stereotyping, and the management of work and family. Originally from Kentucky, I began my education at big state schools in the south before joining the faculty in ILR. The college’s appreciation of combining the world of work with social science research and practice is a perfect place to grow rewarding relationships with faculty, practitioners, and students alike.

I am married with a preschool-aged daughter, a golden retriever, and two cats. In my spare time, I enjoy CrossFit, watching basketball, reading (primarily novels of a non-academic bent), and participating in the Ithaca community.

Selected publications

  • Opie, T., Livingston, B., Greenberg, D. & Murphy, W. (2018). Building gender inclusivity: disentangling the influence of classroom demography on classroom participation. Higher Education, 1-22. DOI: 10.1007/s10734-018-0245-2.
  • Livingston, B. A., Schilpzand, P. & Erez, A. (2017). Not what you expected to hear: Accented messages and their effect on choice. Journal of Management, 43(3), 804–833.
  • Moore, O., Susskind, A. & Livingston, B. (2016). Do you look like me? How bias affects affirmative action in hiring. Cornell Hospitality Report, 16(27), 3-9.
  • Livingston, B. A. (2014). Bargaining behind the scenes: Spousal negotiation, labor, and work–family burnout. Journal of Management, 40(4), 949–977.
  • Judge, T. A., Livingston, B. A. & Hurst, C. (2012). Do nice guys—and gals—really finish last? The joint effects of sex and agreeableness on income. Journal of personality and social psychology, 102(2), 390.
  • Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D., Livingston, B. A. & Liao, H. (2011). Perceived similarity, proactive adjustment, and organizational socialization. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 78(2), 225–236.
  • Zapata-Phelan, C. P., Colquitt, J. A., Scott, B. A. & Livingston, B. (2009). Procedural justice, interactional justice, and task performance: The mediating role of intrinsic motivation. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 108(1), 93–105.
  • Judge, T. A., Livingston, B. A. (2008). Is the gap more than gender? A longitudinal analysis of gender, gender role orientation, and earnings. Journal of applied psychology, 93(5), 994.
  • Livingston, B. A., Judge, T. A. (2008). Emotional responses to work-family conflict: An examination of gender role orientation among working men and women. Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Judge, T. A., Woolf, E. F., Hurst, C. & Livingston, B. (2006). Charismatische und transformationale Führung: Ein Überblick und eine Agenda für zukünftige Forschungsarbeiten. Zeitschrift für Arbeits-und Organisationspsychologie.

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