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About the course

Today, companies seek professionals who can manage their increasingly global supply chains. This course covers the organizational, operational, and strategic aspects of managing international supply networks. A series of concepts, frameworks, and analytic tools are provided to better plan and integrate supply chain components into a coordinated system with an emphasis on key trade-offs and risks. Topics include supply chain design and delivery systems, the role of third party logistics providers, strategic alliances, and risk management. Case studies will be used to identify opportunities across the global supply chain to remove costs, speed cycle time, enhance revenue, or manage risk.

Course Objectives

In this course, participants will reach a better understanding of:

  • Integrating supply chain design with product and process development: how do you integrate your plans for product development with your plans for supply chain design
  • Forces that influence supply chain structure: how supply chain structures change, how supply chain structures and industry structures overlap, and how these structures are affected by the speed of change in your industry
  • Connecting supply chain design with supply chain management and logistics: how can you imbed supply chain process management into project management
  • Supply chains in the age of e-commerce
  • The role of supply chain design in business strategy and why, if you fail to link them, your supply chain design can undo your business strategy

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