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School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University

Wine Sales Management

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This 8-week online course provides sales and management training for suppliers and distributors in the wine and alcohol beverage industry. Through exploration of route-to-market strategies for alcoholic beverages, students gain client-facing sales and territory management skills. Building on this knowledge, students complete weekly series of pre-recorded micro-lectures and submit activities or quizzes with video coaching and feedback from the instructor.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Understand client/buyer decision profiles.
  • Identify business opportunities in all sales channels.
  • Understand buyer/client marketing and merchandising concepts.
  • Tailor product sales concepts for clients/buyers.
  • Employ networking strategies to close more sales to buyer/clients.
  • Compose and communicate various cost calculations.
  • Identify logistical inefficiencies and develop improved solutions.
  • Demonstrate effective work project management strategies.
School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University

Strategic Wine Marketing

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Aug 1—Sep 25
USD 1100

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This level provides an introduction to wine marketing terminology and concepts, including the steps in brand creation, packaging decisions, integrated communication strategy, navigating the three tier distribution channels, and direct to consumer sales. Topics of tasting room management, wine tourism, importing, and exporting wine are also presented. The culminating project is the creation of a marketing and sales plan for the launch of a new wine business.

  • LO1: Describe important wine consumer segments .
  • LO2: Create a wine brand to appeal to a chosen target market.
  • LO3: Understand the marketing implications of package design.
  • LO4: Coordinate promotional elements of advertising, public relations, and special events.
  • LO5: Understand the complexities of wine distribution at the distributor and retail levels.
  • LO6: Create a distribution and sales strategy utilizing distributors and/or direct to consumer methods.
  • LO7: Describe key aspects of tasting room management.
  • LO8: Integrate wine marketing into a broader wine tourism context.
  • LO9: Describe the steps to importing and exporting wine.
  • LO10: Create a draft marketing and sales plan.