The Boston Advanced Leadership Programme

Oxford Management Centre

Oxford Management Centre


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Who should attend

This Oxford training course is suitable to a wide range of Ambitious Professionals, but will greatly benefit:

  • Leaders, managers and supervisors aspiring to more senior positions
  • Individuals who are making the transition to a senior management team or board-level role

About the course

Boston, in the US state of Massachusetts, is synonymous with the highest levels of academic excellence. With more than 52 institutions of higher education, Boston is home to some of the most prestigious centres of learning in the USA including Harvard, Tufts, Brandeis and Northeastern universities and the legendary Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), etc. Its pioneering research into leadership, management, organisational strategy, marketing and psychology make it the world’s leading centre of excellence for senior management development.

This stimulating Oxford training course entitled, The Boston Advanced Leadership Programme encapsulates the work of such Boston academic giants as John Kotter, Daniel Goleman, Michael Porter, Howard Gardner, Alfred Chandler, Clayton M. Christensen and renowned experts such as Saleem Ali, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Rakesh Khurana, Amy Cuddy, etc., and applies their principles and techniques in a straightforward and highly practical way.

Consequently, this Oxford training programme will look in some depth at: displaying outstanding leadership, mastering the psychology of the workplace, developing a winning corporate strategy, introducing sustaining and disruptive innovations to your products and services and manifesting a compelling executive presence and gravitas at all times.

This Oxford Boston Advanced Leadership Programme will highlight for you:

  • The five leadership approaches that are required in today’s organisations
  • The psychology of influence, good communication and motivation
  • The essence of effective strategic thinking, planning, implementation and monitoring
  • The principles of disruptive change compared with competitive positioning
  • How to manage the first impressions you make, choose your subsequent behaviours and curate your reputation to clearly signal your leadership legitimacy


This Oxford training course is designed to help you:

  • Select the most appropriate leadership style in any situation
  • Understand the psychological functioning of individuals, groups and organisations
  • Master the key elements of corporate strategic management
  • Apply sustaining and disruptive innovation best practice to your services
  • Clearly signal your suitability, over time, to be appointed to the most senior positions in your organisation

Training Methodology

This Oxford training course will use a range of approaches to learning, including experiential group activities, individual exercises, mini-case studies, role plays and syndicate discussions. Graphical materials and stimulating explanations will be used to introduce underlying models. A key part of the learning process is sharing the different experiences and insights you and the other participants bring, as well as experimenting with novel – and sometimes challenging – techniques.

Organisational Impact

The organisation will benefit from leaders who are:

  • Skilled in using the most appropriate leadership style in any situation
  • Able to use an understanding of workplace psychology to optimise the performance of their staff
  • Trained to create, plan and implement robust organisational strategies
  • Comfortable with introducing both ‘incremental’ or sustaining innovations and ‘stealthy’ or disruptive innovations
  • Role models of the culture, values and goals of the organisation and who display a corporate reputation-enhancing executive presence
  • Able to elicit higher levels of sustainable commitment and productivity from their staff

Personal Impact

You will be exposed to a range of different approaches to understand yourself and master a range of techniques to maximize your contribution at the most senior levels of your organisation. You will also acquire methods to enter into powerful and confident states at will and also ways to display effective political skills and executive presence. These competencies and insights can be used in many different areas of your professional and personal life and will make you considerably more successful and valuable in today’s highly competitive job market.

Course Outline

DAY 1 Displaying Outstanding Leadership

  • Recognising the Differences between Management and Leadership
  • Appreciating the Five Essential Leadership Approaches and Corresponding Styles
  • Displaying Transformational Leadership Behaviours
  • Comprehending the Corporate Governance Responsibilities of the Board
  • Demonstrating Ethical Behaviour, Living Your Values and Maintaining Your Personal Integrity
  • Developing Your Political Awareness and Mastering the Five Core Political Skills

DAY 2 Mastering the Psychology of the Workplace

  • Using Personality Insights to Communicate and Influence Others Better
  • Displaying Personal Power and Self-confidence in All Situations
  • Optimising the Development and Management of Teams
  • Evolving Organisational Cultures and Applying the Neuroscience of Change
  • Managing Your Own and Others’ Attitudes, Emotions, States and Behaviours
  • Understanding the Nature of Organisational Psychopaths and Limiting their Detrimental Effects

DAY 3 Developing a Winning Corporate Strategy

  • Understanding the Five Elements of Strategic Management: Strategic Thinking, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Emergence
  • Competitive Positioning: The Five Processes that Populate a SWOT Analysis
  • The Value of Scenario Planning in Designing Detailed Stories Around Different Possible and Plausible Futures You Might Be Faced With
  • Using the Balanced Scorecard to Create a Strategy Matrix, Strategy Map and an Implementation Plan
  • Prioritising Your Initiatives, Filtering Them and Balancing Your Portfolio
  • Implementing and Monitoring the Plan and Utilising Emergent Trends

DAY 4 Using both Sustaining and Disruptive Innovations to Evolve and Grow your Products and Services

  • The Four Kinds of Innovation: Disrupting vs. Transforming Businesses
  • Using Lateral Thinking Techniques to Increase Creativity, Innovation and Inventiveness
  • The Nature of ‘Innovation-driven Growth’: ‘disruptive’ (stealthy) vs. ‘sustaining’ (incremental) innovations and ‘Low-end’ vs. ‘new-market’ footholds
  • Product / Service Performance Trajectories and Customer Demand Trajectories
  • Succeeding as a Disruptive Innovator / Defending Against a Disruptive Challenger and Ensuring Your Organization is Capable of Disruptive Growth
  • Common Pitfalls in the Application of Disruption Theory and Its Incorporation into Wider Strategic Planning

DAY 5 Manifesting Executive Presence, Gravitas and Charisma

  • Appreciating the Need to Display Executive Presence and Its Relationship to Organisational Politics
  • The Three Dimensions of Executive Presence
  • Displaying Gravitas, Charisma, Impactful Communication and An Appropriate Appearance
  • Specific Challenges Faced by Female Leaders and Managers
  • Chairing Effective, Efficient and Satisfying Meetings
  • Researching, Designing and Delivering Compelling and Memorable Presentations

The Boston Advanced Leadership Programme at Oxford Management Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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