Strategic Brand Positioning and Marketing (dubai, Online)

Oxford Management Centre

How long?

  • 2 days
  • online

What are the topics?

Oxford Management Centre


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Who should attend

This virtual training course will provide valuable benefits for a broad range of people who are involved in brand and marketing management, including (but not limited) to:

  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Product Managers
  • Key Account Executives, Business Development Professionals, Sales Executives and Sales Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) owners and Managers

About the course

Brands are powerful differentiators for products, whether one is looking at footwear, fast food, clothing, hotels or even holiday destinations, the consumer will be influenced by the brand and its associations with quality, service, value or whatever is important. Branding works regardless of whether the consumer is B2B or B2C and can provide a critical edge in competitive markets.

This OXFORD Strategic Brand Positioning and Marketing online training seminar will provide you with a good understanding of how to develop, position and market your brands effectively.

This online training seminar will highlight:

  • Assessing your brands in the market
  • Creating brand positioning
  • Building winning brand values
  • Planning and creating brand marketing initiatives
  • Leveraging brand associations


At the end of this online training seminar, you will learn to:

  • Discuss the fundamental components of brands
  • Analyze the key components of brand equity
  • Relate brand categories and image
  • Categorize segments and positioning
  • Choose how to select and manage brand identities and plan brand marketing strategies
  • Categorize brand media strategies and summarize how brand associations are created

Training Methodology

This online training course will utilize a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. The training course is conducted Online via an Advanced Virtual Learning Platform in the comfort of any location of your choice.

Organisational Impact

Attending this Strategic Brand Positioning and Marketing training course, the participants will return to their organizations with a broader understanding of how strategic brand management activities support business objectives, including:

  • Adopting a structured approach to strategic brand management
  • Creating and maintaining brand equity
  • Selecting the right brand positions in the market
  • Creating effective brand marketing campaigns
  • Choosing viable channel and pricing strategies
  • Analyzing brand associations and choosing internal/external strategies to exploit these

Personal Impact

This online training course will help the participants to strengthen their strategic brand management capabilities, including:

  • A structured approach to managing brands
  • Choosing strategies to create and name new brands
  • Assessing where your brand(s) fit in the marketplace
  • Selecting strategies to take your brand to market and defend its position
  • Setting up direct and/or indirect channels to market, as appropriate
  • Leveraging brand associations

Course Outline


Brand equity, categories and image, identifying segments and positioning

  • Brand definition, brand v product comparison, examples of brand architectures
  • Why do brands matter, what can be branded?
  • Brand assets, brand strengths and brand values, what is brand management
  • Definition of brand equity, creating brand equity through awareness, image and associations
  • Designing appropriate product category structures – using the CBS (Category Breakdown Structure)
  • Key aspects of strong brands (performance, image, consumer judgments, consumer emotions, consumer rationale, brand significance, overall resonance with customer)
  • The essentials of brand positioning and developing a strong position
  • Identifying core brand associations and auditing brands


Selecting and managing brand identities, marketing strategies, media strategies, brand associations

  • Selecting appropriate brand identities, gambits to make the brand identity memorable
  • Protocols for naming brands, logos, symbols characters and slogans, packaging
  • Taking a joined-up approach to designing brand marketing programs, using personalization techniques to connect with the customer
  • Developing an appropriate strategy for products, channel/pricing/value engineering strategies
  • Working with brand associations
  • The relationship between existing and new brand associations
  • The relationship between brands and channels
  • Geographic factors, brand alliances and co-branding, ingredient branding, licensing brand elements


OXFORD e-Certificate will be provided to delegates who have successfully completed the online training course.

Strategic Brand Positioning and Marketing (dubai, Online) at Oxford Management Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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