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About the course

The intrinsic strength of companies like Apple, Sony, Nokia, Honda, P&G, Unilever, Intel etc. are derived from the fact that consumers all over the world are familiar with their names. In India too, Tata Steel, Lux, Dove Soap, Surf Detergent, Ponds Talcom Powder, Maggi Noodles, Bata Shoes, Bajaj two wheelers, Maruti car etc. have become legendary names or synonym in their respective product categories. Customers prefer to buy branded products because of familiarity and perceived image. Companies in India have realized that the principal asset of a company lies in how it is perceived in the minds of potential customers. In the absence of differentiation about quality, consumers are even willing to pay premium price for names. As such, successful brands are the best guarantee for future earnings. A brand gives the product a meaning and defines its identity before the target consumers. Today companies are increasingly feeling the necessity to build brand by creating awareness, personality, reputation, image etc. Visionary managers realized the importance of brands core values, all painstakingly built over the years and fine tuning their enactment to keep the brand relevant under dynamic market conditions. Thus, brand building has assumed a challenging task for any marketer.


Practicing managers are keen to learn about the core concepts and process behind brand management. They want to acquire pragmatic frameworks that enable them to better characterize their brands and develop sound strategies for growth. Key elements for a successful brand are not merely the parentage (who the marketer is), rather the importance of flexible, strategic plans. The prime focus of this MDP is to explain the concept of branding and how to nurture or plan for their growth and ultimately create powerful brands in today’s fierce competitive market. Further, in this MDP we also discuss how to build a compelling and relevant brand in the digital age that resonates with customers and effectively differentiates a firm and fast tracks its growth.

Key Topics

  • Branding challenges and opportunities
  • Strategic foot steps towards Brand Building
  • Use of Consumer Perceptions & Insights to create Brand Personality
  • Guidelines for Brand Positioning
  • Role of Advertising in Brand Building
  • Brand Hierarchies and Portfolios
  • Winning the Brand Battle: How powerful brands face competition
  • Brand Evaluation: Consolidation, Extension, Deletion, Repositioning Brands
  • The Future of Branding and latest thinking
  • Designing and Implementing Branding Strategies
  • Digital tools for Brand building and Measuring success

Who should attend

We are addressing this MDP for people who want to learn how to build & nurture brands in real world. Such people may already be in the marketing function in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), durable products or services. This programme will be of interest to middle level marketing managers whose principal responsibilities lie in managing brands in their portfolio of products. Managers from other functional areas, especially from sales, advertising and commercial activities would also find the programme relevant.

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Prashant Mishra

Prof. Prashant Mishra is presently Dean (New Initiative and External Relations) and Professor in the marketing area at IIM Calcutta. He has been Chairperson of Post Graduate Programmes at IIMC during 2008 -2012 and has also been Chairperson of Marketing Area. In Executive education, Prof. Prashan...


Saravana Jaikumar

Prof. Saravana Jaikumar is Assistant Professor in Marketing area at IIM Calcutta. He is a Fellow (Ph.D.) of Marketing from IIM Ahmedabad and MBA from Cardiff Business School, UK. His research work has been published in reputed international journals including Journal of Advertising Research, Jour...


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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.

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