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Oxford Management Centre

Next Generation Leadership: Transforming Personal and Team Effectiveness

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Jul 1—5
5 days
London, United Kingdom
USD 5950
USD 1190 per day
Jul 8—12
5 days
California, United States
USD 6950
USD 1390 per day
Sep 2—6
5 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Outstanding personal and team performance are essential in today’s dynamic, volatile and competitive global market. Never has the need been greater for individuals and teams to transition from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’. The key to creating such outstanding performance lies in each team member really understanding their own and others’ personality preferences, motivations and preferred communication styles and displaying a powerful outcome orientation, strategic flexibility, personal power and emotional intelligence (EI).

This course addresses this need by using the next generation of professional development tools – the Lumina Spark – that supports individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively and improve the bottom line. The comprehensive Lumina personality profile is based on (a) the four archetypal ‘colour energies’ of Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green, (b) the best of Dr. Carl Jung and the MBTI, (c) our Team roles/contributions and (d) the latest scientific research on the Big 5 personality model. Hence delegates benefit from four profiles combined into one: Colour Energies, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a Team Composition Portrait and a Big 5-based personality report. By applying the Lumina Spark model, delegates unlock their hidden strengths and multiple business benefits.

On this solid foundation the course then covers powerful and exciting ways to enhance personal and team performance, job satisfaction, leading and coaching within the team and how to achieve continuous individual and team learning.

This course will highlight for your staff:

  • What kind of team they are part of, how they fit in and their own unique contribution
  • Ways to communicate and influence effectively within their team
  • Proven strategies to enhance their personal performance and job satisfaction
  • How to be even more emotionally intelligent, innovative and outcome-oriented
  • Using feedback and technology to enable continuous individual and team learning


This course is designed to help your team:

  • Understand how their personality preferences impact others
  • Develop their interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Optimize performance, trust and collaboration within their team
  • Enhance their personal effectiveness and job-satisfaction
  • Welcome feedback and embrace continuous learning


The course will use a range of approaches to learning, including experiential group activities, individual exercises, mini-case studies, role plays and syndicate discussions. Graphical materials and stimulating explanations will be used to introduce underlying models. A key part of the learning process is sharing the different experiences participants bring, as well as experimenting with novel – and sometimes challenging – techniques. An internationally-developed personality questionnaire will be used to generate a personality profile that will contribute to them understanding their preferences, personal style, different personas they display and their unique contribution to the team.


Your organization will benefit from:

  • Higher levels of team performance and commitment
  • Improved communication, openness and level of trust
  • More effective feedback and coaching opportunities
  • Enhanced creativity, innovation and discretionary effort
  • Constructive resolution of conflicts and challenges
  • Higher levels of organizational productivity.


Participants will be exposed to a range of different approaches to understand themselves and master a range of techniques to maximize their performance in satisfying and easy to apply ways. They will also acquire methods to enter powerful and confident states at will and also ways to manage any potentially career-damaging negative emotional displays in the moment. These skills and insights can be used in many different areas of their professional and personal lives and will make them considerably more valuable in today’s highly competitive job market.


Day1 - Understanding ourselves and others

  • Better understanding your own and other’s behaviour and thinking
  • Considering different models of personality
  • Understanding the Four Archetypal Colour Energies and their contributing qualities
  • Recognising your Three Personas, strengths and development areas
  • Appreciating and utilizing diversity in the workplace
  • Identifying your own and others’ ‘hot buttons’ or motivators.

Day2 - Enhancing our personal effectiveness

  • Acting with intentionality and purpose
  • Appreciating and displaying a transformational leadership style
  • Matching your manager’s needs with your outcomes
  • Enhancing your self-confidence and personal power
  • Using personality insights to influence others better
  • Managing, harnessing and exploiting the power of your emotions.

Day3 - Understanding teams and their functioning

  • Understanding the development of teams and their changing nature
  • Considering the five types of teams
  • Appreciating the key team roles and your unique contribution
  • Assessing the development stage of a team
  • Guarding against ‘Group think’ and risk-aversion
  • Recognising the 7 negative neurological triggers.

Day4 - Enhancing team effectiveness

  • Understanding the four team leadership styles
  • Optimizing communication within the team
  • Adopting a highly effective meeting framework
  • Role-modelling, inspiring and stimulating within the team
  • Coaching and acknowledging the contribution of your colleagues
  • Encouraging creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Day5 - Enabling continuous individual and team learning

  • Monitoring your team’s performance and morale
  • Providing non-threatening and up-building feedback to each other
  • Using 360 degree feedback to support personal and group L&D
  • Facilitating the design of personal development plans
  • Using technology to encourage collaboration and commitment
  • Scheduling regular and inspiring audit meetings

Who should attend

Leaders, managers and team leaders/supervisors together with their teams. The course would also benefit junior/middle managers new to their role, or with experience but little previous training.

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