Methods of Assessing Performance and Measuring Efficiency of Sales Team

ICTD International Centre for Training and Development

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ICTD International Centre for Training and Development


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Who should attend

  • Any Sales member who is beginning to take responsibility for generating and conveying business information will find this course essential.

  • It is therefore aimed primarily at Sales middle and junior management as well as Sales first line employees.

  • Sales Administrative support staff may also benefit from attendance on this course as they will have a deeper understanding of the elements of report writing and their role i

About the course

Performance measures are recognized as an important element of all Total Quality Management programs. Managers and supervisors directing the efforts of an organization or a group have aresponsibility to know how, when, and where to institute a wide range of changes. These changes cannot be sensibly implemented without knowledge of the appropriate information upon which they are based. In addition, among many organizations within the Department of Energy (DOE) complex, there is currently no standardized approach to developing and implementing performance measurement systems.

The implementation of performance measurements for a specific process should involve as many cognizant employees as possible to stimulate ideas and reinforce the notion that this is a team effort requiring buy-in from all involved in order to succeed. Substantial benefits are realized by organizations implementing performance measurement programs. These benefits are realized almost immediately through an improved understanding of processes by all employees. Furthermore, individuals get an opportunity to receive a broadened perspective of the organization's functions, rather than the more limited perspective of their own immediate span of control.

## Course Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Participants on this course will gain tools, learn Sales and practice skills leading to increased Sales writing confidence.
  • Starting at a basic level, the course will equip participants with an ability to write Sales reports and documents in such a way as to help the readers to understand what they did not understand before.
  • Complex matters that have to be communicated in writing can either be confusing or can be clear.
  • To look at the selling cycle and the buying cycle
  • To understand how to develop stronger relationships with customers that will produce higher sales
  • To know how to effectively manage key accounts and maximize sales with them
  • To be able to effectively present the sales message

## Course Outline

The Qualities of a Professional Salesperson

  • Introduction

  • Selling, Negotiating & Marketing: The Difference

  • Analysis & Planning

  • Understanding The Sale

  • Understanding How People Buy

  • Facilitative Selling

  • The Selling & Buying Cycle

  • Account Management

  • Knowing Your Customers

  • The Customer / Buyer Meeting

Selling Skills Assessment

  • Sales Competency Model

  • Behaviors, Characteristics and Skills of a Successful Salesperson

  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in Selling

Account Management (continued)

  • The Proposal

  • Sales Presentations

  • Making A Presentation

  • Buying Signals

  • Closing The Sale

  • Handling Key Accounts

  • Define Your Customers

  • Understand Needs & Expectations

  • Hierarchy Of Client Needs

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Follow-Through

  • Understanding Behavioral Styles When Selling

  • Keeping Yourself & Others Motivated

  • The Way Forward

Types of Selling

  • Strategic Selling and Buyers Influence

  • Planning your Calendar to Achieve Sales Goals and Build a Sales Pipeline

  • Retail (Face-to-Face) Selling

  • Relationship (Consultative) Selling

  • Hypnotic Selling and Hypnotic Sales Models

  • Characteristics of Different Selling Models, Types and Structures

Sales Closing Techniques

  • Attitude of the Sales Professional

  • Dealing with Customer Objections

  • Various Closing Techniques

  • The "Feel Felt Found" Approach

  • Strategies to Respond to Common New Business Objections

Sales Win-Win Negotiations

  • The Phases of Sales Negotiations

  • The Harvard Model Applied to Sales Negotiation

  • The Art of Bargaining and Concessions Handling

Advanced Level Skills

  • Elements of sales writing

  • Sales writing definitions

  • Sales writing descriptions

  • Sales writing instructions

  • Formats of sales writing – formal technical report

  • Establish framework

  • Terms of reference – subject matter, purpose for sales writing, reader of the report

  • Structure of a report (main sections) – introduction, main body

  • (findings/observations/discussions), conclusion, recommendations, executive summary, other sections.

  • Case study: Developing awareness of fact and opinion

  • Practical session: sales writing a formal report with investigation of faulty models.

Advanced Level Skills (continued)

  • Formats of sales writing writing – memo report

  • Basic structure

  • Types of reports – (feasibility study, progress / status, test, fault)

  • Other sales writing documentation

  • sales writing proposal

  • sales writing manual – operations and maintenance

  • Journal article

  • Specification writing

  • Specifications and the design process

  • Fundamentals of specification writing using a quality function deployment technique

  • Applying the QFD method – an 8 step process

  • Creating a specification template

  • Problem solving: Analysis of a specification

Sales Presentation & public speaking skills

  • Audiences Love You – Capturing Their Interest

  • Lifting our personal barriers to success

  • Communications at its best – main principles, tools and techniques

  • Managing content

  • Managing the presentation media

  • Designing and building the presentation session – structure

  • Taking It To Perfection – Getting The Best Response

  • Managing yourself – the presenter

  • Handling objections and questions constructively and confidently

  • Constructive feedback from trainer, colleagues and self

  • Practice, practice, practice

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Methods of Assessing Performance and Measuring Efficiency of Sales Team at ICTD International Centre for Training and Development

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