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AirBusiness Academy

Mastering International Negotiations

Available dates

Mar 9—11, 2020
3 days
Toulouse, France
EUR 2500 ≈USD 2781
EUR 833 per day
Sep 30—Oct 2, 2020
3 days
Toulouse, France
EUR 2500 ≈USD 2781
EUR 833 per day


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About the course

Provides the framework and guidance for the planning and conduct of successful mutual gain business negotiations in an international context.

How will I benefit?

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the principles underlying the Harvard Method of Principled Negotiations
  • Discover the different preparation steps as a key differentiator in your negotiations
  • Use a simple but effective structured methodology for preparing and conducting successful negotiations
  • Understand how negotiation is defined by category strategy
  • Understand your style and the different styles of your negotiation counterparts
  • Appreciate the behavioural aspects of negotiation, in particular with regards to cultural differences
  • Apply proven negotiation techniques to influence decisions
  • Deal with difficult negotiation situations (e.g. monopolistic markets) and difficult negotiators

What does the course cover?

  • The negotiation process: preparation and planning, engaging in dialogue with the other party, developing proposals, assessing limits for trade and closing
  • The Harvard Method “joint problem solving” negotiation technique: people, options, interests, standards
  • The Four Quadrant Negotiation Preparation model
  • The impact of dealing with different cultures in negotiations
  • The significance of different personality types and how emotions can impact different negotiations
  • The importance of inter-personal contact during the negotiation, both in face-to-face meetings or by electronic means
  • Influencing and the effective application of leverage
  • Understanding the mindset of your counterpart (top tips for Sales negotiators)
  • Dealing with difficult negotiation situations and inter-personal problems with your negotiation counterpart

Who should attend

Anyone involved in:

  • Conducting or participating in business negotiations
  • International partnerships
  • Managing multi-cultural projects

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