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Management Skills for Newly Appointed Employees

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About the course

As people progress in their career and are promoted they soon realize that new skills are required to manage other people and to lead teams effectively. This program will provide a framework to understand the key drivers of leadership and management success and a toolbox of essential team leadership and management skills.

The key team leadership and management skills, and when to use them How to motivate and coach teams to higher performance

Course Objectives

Understand the difference between managing and leading Explore the main drivers of leadership and management success Understand the key leadership and management skills, including: goal-setting and motivation impact and influence customer service emotional intelligence delegation time management listening, feedback, appraisal and learning managing conflict and challenge performance management reporting up (how to manage your boss) profit and loss coaching for performance change and transition personal development

Course Outline


The history of leadership The difference between leadership and management How leadership drives performance The leadership cycle: daily, weekly, monthly, ... Leadership toolbox: the key leadership and management skills Personal leadership inventory.

Being a First-line Management Today

Myths about Supervision First-line Management Key Tasks Essential Skills for Supervisors Responsibilities and Challenges Problems Supervisors Encounter

Leadership Purpose

Vision and mission Purpose and potential Presentation skills and personal impact Mindset and resilience How to create alignment: personal, team and business goals Connecting with customers (internal and external).

Creative Interpersonal Problem-Solving

Interpersonal Problem-Solving Process Steps for Interpersonal Problem-Solving Encouraging Creative Thinking Applying Brainstorming Formats and Mechanics Key Conflict Management Skills

Team Power

Mindset and motivation Limiting beliefs and other brakes on performance Emotional intelligence and influence Teamwork and trust Deep listening Reflection and learning

Orientation and Positive Discipline

Perceptions During Orientation Orientation and Follow Up Use of Progressive Disciplinary Practices Types of Reinforcement Applying Reinforcement Strategies

Team Performance

Effective delegation Coaching for performance: theory Coaching for performance: practice Team coaching Mission control: managing people and projects Time management and profit

Communicating Effectively

The Communication Process Approaches to Interpersonal Relationships with Employees Ten Commandments of Human Relations Developing Effective Listening Habits The Value of Feedback Techniques in Providing Feedback Guidelines for Assertive Communication

Managing People and Change

Theories of change: why we find change hard / how to make it easy Giving and receiving feedback Difficult conversations and conflict Working relationships (managing up and down) Leadership and management skills: summary Personal development plans

Motivating your Workforce

Definitions of Motivation Myths about Motivation Motivation and Performance Different Workable Motivational Theories The Theory in Motivation Building a Motivational Environment

Course Methodology

A variety of methodologies will be used during the course that includes:

  • (30%) Based on Case Studies

  • (30%) Techniques

  • (30%) Role Play

  • (10%) Concepts

  • Pre-test and Post-test

  • Variety of Learning Methods

  • Lectures

  • Case Studies and Self Questionaires

  • Group Work

  • Discussion

  • Presentation

Who should attend

This program is designed specifically for those who are new to team First-Line Management, leadership and management, or who have recently been promoted to a higher level or a bigger team. It will also help anyone who wishes to refresh and develop their team leadership and management skills.

First-Line Management Team leaders (new and experienced) Technical staff making the transition to management Supervisors who wish to increase their effectiveness Team leaders interested in further management development Managers who wish to evaluate and improve their performance

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