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American Management Association

Leading Your Team Through Change

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Build trust, commitment, and use agility to meet every business challenge

Good business teams produce results during times of prosperity. It’s a different story during times of change and uncertainty, when only prepared and motivated teams have the agility, focus and motivation to successfully in navigate the shifting environment. As a leader, you must help your people overcome their reactions, embrace the change initiatives, and use focused approaches to keep team activities on course. In this workshop, you’ll gain practical tools that will enable you to manage reactions to change to communicate in a manner that inspires followers and ensures optimal productivity through any change initiative. A headset with microphone is required to attend and participate in this program.

How You Will Benefit

In this course you’ll gain a clear understanding of key factors that impact team performance during times of change and discover a fresh and dynamic approach to achieving better results:

  • Lead and assist everyone in your business to deal effectively with change.
  • Engage your team and employees in the reality and opportunity of change.
  • Listen and communicate to address and decrease anxiety, and to inspire commitment to change
  • Set a positive example for colleagues and direct reports when handling significant changes in the workplace
  • Use The Results Matrix© model to help you more effectively communicate and inspire commitment to change.
  • Plan and lead effective change communication meetings

What You Will Cover

  • Understand the impact that significant change has on your team.
  • Determine the key responsibilities of a change leader
  • Understand the human aspect that either influences the change or impacts others.
  • Assess your responsiveness to change
  • Identify the four phases of the Change Curve
  • Identify the types of behavior common to each phase of the Change Curve

Special Feature

Bonus: You'll get a free copy of AMA's Change Management Toolkit. The toolkit provides you with worksheets and advice to prepare and build an action plan to help manage change with your team.

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