Leading Change in an age of Digital Transformation

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Who should attend

Leading Change in an Age of Digital Transformation is designed for senior executives and senior middle managers who lead strategic change related to digital transformation initiatives in their organisations. While individual participants are completely welcome, it is beneficial for several managers within the same organisation (up to three managers) to come together as existing or potential members of a digital transformation initiative team.

About the course

It’s not the technology: it’s the people and processes

As digital disruption continues to reshape industries, organisations are under enormous pressure to stay ahead of the competition. But it is a challenge. More than 80% of digital transformations fail. Many of these initiatives perform so badly that they are abandoned; others fall so far short of their goals with such high costs that they provide little to negative returns.

The problem is not the new technologies or systems themselves. Most digital transformations fail because of inadequate or ad hoc management of people and processes.

Leading Change in an Age of Digital Transformation is an immersive and experiential three-day programme designed for senior executives leading digital transformation initiatives in their organisation. This advanced programme for digital leaders gives you the understanding and the competitive insights to avoid the critical pitfalls and drive long-term success.

Together with INSEAD faculty and leaders from a diversity of sectors, you will explore the complex change dynamics of digital transformation across three distinct phases: Initial Ignition, Lift-off and Launch, and Sustained Success. You will dig deep into the unique risk factors involved in each of these three phases, using grounded but practical frameworks and leveraging specific tools to address the real-world challenges in each phase of the transformation through to ultimate success.

The programme empowers you to beat the odds and ensure that your organisation captures all the advantages of digital disruption, today and tomorrow.

How you benefit

  • Enhance your understanding of the unique aspects of leading digital transformation change
  • Elevate key skills in change leadership relative to people and process across all three stages of digital transformation - Initial Ignition, Lift-off and Launch and Sustained Success
  • Leave with a concrete action plan for your own digital transformation initiative.

Content Overview

Leading Change in an Age of Digital Transformation is designed to enhance the critical competencies needed to lead this unique challenge. Specifically, the programme elevates your leadership capabilities in seven key areas:

  • Conceptualising the process
  • Igniting and initiating change
  • Diagnosing resistance
  • Sequencing and linking change actions over time
  • Motivating and inspiring others
  • Formulating supportive coalitions
  • Sustaining change and making it stick.

For each phase of change, we examine the following specific and critical questions:

Phase 1: Initial Ignition

  • Why are digital threats and opportunities so hard for some constituent groups or key individuals to see?
  • How can you help people visualise and emotionally connect to the threats and opportunities of digital disruption?
  • What are the most common ignition pitfalls and why do smart people fall into them?
  • How can you avoid them?

Phase 2: Lift-off and Launch

  • Who do you need as early adopters and how do you secure their engagement?
  • How can you motivate the “majority in the middle” to embrace your digital transformation?
  • Which resisters should you ignore and which should you tackle?
  • After lift-off, how do you throttle up the enthusiasm to gain momentum in the launch phase?

Phase 3: Sustained Success

  • Why do transformations that achieve successful lift-off and launch fail to reach “escape velocity” and fall back to earth?
  • How can you build a sustaining coalition?
  • How can you reenergise yourself and others once the excitement of lift-off peters out?
  • At what point can you throttle back and leverage the momentum you’ve generated?

The Live Case Application Approach

You will explore company case studies that illustrate and illuminate core concepts and tools, and apply the concepts and tools to your own “live case” in real time over the course of the programme.

You will walk away with a detailed change plan and have concrete answers to the following critical questions:

  • What are my personal strengths and potential pitfalls in leading digital change?
  • What actions do I need to take to ensure I’m prepared to lead the change?
  • How do I plan to achieve effective initial ignition?
  • Who do I need to enlist from the outset?
  • Where do I anticipate resistance to come from and how do I plan to overcome it?
  • How do I plan to motivate the “majority in the middle”?
  • What pitfalls do I think are most relevant for my digital transformation and how do I plan to sidestep them?
  • How do I plan to keep myself energised along the way?
  • How do I plan to sustain the success and ensure that the transformation sticks?


Stewart Black

Dr. Black is Professor of Management Practice in Global Leadership and Strategy at INSEAD. He specializes in leadership, strategy, change, globalization, and stakeholder engagement. Stewart Black is co-directing the Leading Successful Change programme. Across his career Dr. Black has lived and w...

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Leading Change in an age of Digital Transformation at INSEAD Business School

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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