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Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

Leading Authentically in Digital Times

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THE PROGRAMME AT A GLANCE 6 online modules + a live webinar every week

For employees, managers, team leaders and CEO’s that operate in volatile and digital markets. For people that notice that new leadership habits will help them increase both their productivity and peacefulness.

Your benefits Individual

  • Acquire a growth mindset Operating successfully in our volatile digital world requires a new mindset and new habits. This growth mindset will allow you to reinvent yourself and adapt more easily to the constant change that characterizes our digital era.
  • Increased impact You will discover and master new ways of increasing your impact. Those tiny new habits will allow you to shift toward working smarter. You will achieve better results with less effort.
  • Increased peacefulness Because you will learn new ways to increase your energy levels, master your fears, and improve your relationships, your stress will decrease and you will feel more at peace.

Your benefits Collective

  • An agile culture "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". Your organization's culture is often a significant barrier to a successful transformation. When leaders and employees adopt the QiLeader habits, the culture of your organization will shift, becoming more agile, and the resistance to change will decrease.
  • Increased empowerment Over time, the mindset of the people in your organization will shift toward growth mindset. The increased energy levels combined with less fear will allow employees to accept more challenge and for managers to let go when necessary. People will feel more empowered with this new balance and trust.
  • Increased financial results Through a new mindset, an agile culture and the increased empowerment of your people, your organization can reinvent itself for the disruption that lies ahead and capture great value. Trust will increase internally and will directly impact your bottom-line results, as research has shown.

6 modules

Understand the most current changes in these digital and volatile times and adopt new habits that will increase your impact.

Module 1

The introductory module will cover what has changed in the world and how those changes impact leaders and organizations. You will be able to evaluate your current leadership habits through the QiLeader test. You will understand habits and neuroplasticity and apply a simple method for building powerful habits. Since the goal of this course is to increase your impact and peacefulness, we will help you define what it is you would like to achieve and translate that into a personal QiLeader plan.

Module 2

Habit One is all about changing your mindset - reinventing yourself or your organization instead of doing more of the same. You will learn to master the habit of managing your interpretations before your actions. You will discover that by changing your observation, you will uncover possible new actions that weren’t visible to you before. Your impact will increase tremendously. This methodology is based on the latest neuroscience. You will practice the five body dispositions of a QiLeader and understand when to apply them.

Module 3

Habit Two will uncover the secret of managing your energy and fears instead of your time. A high energy level is key for learning the new skills necessary for a digital transformation. You will be able to go out of your comfort zone with more ease, grow as a leader, and seize the opportunities that lie ahead of you instead of fearing or ignoring them. Knowing and answering the three basic needs of your ego will further increase your confidence. Your decision process will benefit strongly because fear often stands in the way of good decisions.

Module 4

With the Third habit, you will understand why it has become so difficult to focus and what the barriers are to focusing. You will learn how to solve issues structurally in digital times. Instead of working on symptoms, you will be able to solve core issues, eliminating many different symptoms at one time. You will learn how to manage through chaos and how to let go. Paradoxically, by learning to let go when necessary, you will become more in control of the results. This is key to increasing the agility in your organization and increasing the empowerment of your people.

Module 5

The Fourth habit is about increasing your results through better relationships. You will learn what the best teams in the world have in common and how to apply those characteristics to your team. This module is also crucial if you need to build an ecosystem with great partnerships (internally or externally). You will understand how to manage the mood of your team or organization and what the four basic moods are. You will also know how to increase trust and what the impact is on your financial results. You will be given the opportunity to test your personality type and embrace your strengths.

Module 6

In module 6, we will play with the four habits and learn to apply them to real work situations. We will go through the different stages of any transformation so that you can learn to identify these for yourself or your organization. You will also finalize your personal QiLeader plan and decide on which habit you will focus first.

Who should attend

The QiLeader online course is for CEOs and senior leaders who are transforming their organization in this dynamic, rapidly changing digital age. The course will help leaders who want to apply new principles like agility, increased empowerment, cross-functional teams, self-management and co-creation. Many of these principles require a new kind of mindset and culture.

The QiLeader course is also for every person operating in a fast-changing market: for people whose stress levels are high and who would like to feel more at peace; for people who are ready to adopt new habits better suited to our digital world; for managers who would like to increase their authenticity and impact.

Key admissions criteria

  • Participants need to have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience, be able to demonstrate English proficiency, and meet at least one of the following conditions:
  • A university degree
  • Relevant professional experience


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Detailed Description
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