Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Available dates

Apr 26—May 1, 2020
6 days
Hanover, New Hampshire, United States
USD 11800
USD 1966 per day
Oct 25—30, 2020
6 days
Hanover, New Hampshire, United States
USD 11800
USD 1966 per day


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About the course

Strategic leaders...They inspire others. They transform their organizations. They deliver results. But what does it take to be a successful strategic leader? Why do so many smart and experienced business professionals stumble while others excel?

Even the most well thought out strategy will fail if you don't have the proper strategic training, and can't rally the organization around your strategy. The four and a half day strategic training program - Leadership and Strategic Impact - integrates the strategy, communication and leadership skills you need to lead with impact and drive breakout performance for your organization.

Leadership and Strategic Impact is designed specifically for executives who are looking to develop their skills in communication, strategy implementation, and leadership of teams.

LSI Objectives and Benefits

Develop Your Leadership Style

As part of a broad strategic learning experience, Leadership and Strategic Impact (LSI) places an emphasis on your personal leadership transformation. Before, during, and after the program, you have the opportunity to explore and expand your self-awareness as a leader and to hone your personal leadership style for broad organizational impact.

Prior to Coming to Tuck

As part of the pre-program preparation, you'll participate in a 360-degree leadership assessment with individuals in your organization who have had experience with you in a leadership role. The objective is to help you understand how others perceive your leadership and to uncover possible leadership blind spots. Experience has shown it’s a powerful part of the transformational learning experience.

During LSI, you will:

Use a simulation, as well as classroom and breakout sessions, with Professor Pino Audia to examine effective leadership styles, influence without authority, situational leadership, and how to respond better as a leader to continually changing business environments.

Participate in a workshop with Marshall Goldsmith, a world authority on helping successful leaders achieve behavioral change for themselves and their teams. Marshall Goldsmith has been teaching in LSI for over 10 years and is an adjunct professor of business administration at theTuck School.

Review your 360-degree leadership assessment report in peer-coaching sessions that will help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement, and create a personal action plan.

Complete a Myers-Briggs assessment and participate in an interactive leadership lab to practice and understand leadership behaviors and how to get results through others. The exercise is facilitated by Action Learning Associates, experts at linking leadership development to business strategy through experiential learning methods.

After LSI

When you return to your company, you’ll have a clearer picture of what it takes to lead effectively and an action plan to be a more successful, versatile, and confident leader. As a result, you’ll be better positioned to have a direct impact on the strategic functioning of your teams for organizational performance.

LSI Program Topics

  • Developing a Strategic Mindset
  • Strategic Challenges in Top Management Teams
  • Connecting Strategy to Constituents
  • Why Smart Executives Fail
  • Leadership and Personal Responsibility
  • Strategy Implementation
  • How Successful Leaders Get Even Better—A Workshop with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
  • Broadening Leadership Styles
  • Influence without Authority
  • Understanding Situational Leadership
  • Leading Change/Getting Results with Others
  • Pre-program Leadership Assessment and Peer Coaching

Who should attend

High-potential senior executives whose roles have strategic implications for their organizations and who are motivated to become better leaders.

Teams Tuck encourages the participation of teams in this program. Organizations who send multiple participants benefit by:

providing context for the connection between concept and action accelerating the transfer of learning to the organization to address company challenges encouraging the creation of a common strategic language building internal networks creating a sense of team accomplishment providing increased ROI on learning at both the individual and organizational level through improved, synergistic performance.

Trust the experts

Sydney Finkelstein

Bio Sydney Finkelstein’s approach to leadership and strategy focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of executive talent. His widely read research analyzes how capable leaders make bad decisions and, ultimately, fail. He teaches the core course Analysis for General Managers. Current Research To...


Ron Adner

Bio Professor Adner’s research and teaching focuses on innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship. His work introduces a new perspective on the relationship between firms, customers, and the broader ‘innovation ecosystems’ in which they interact to create value. Current Research Topics Innova...


Paul Argenti

Bio Paul Argenti's recent research on social media extends his expertise in corporate communications, strategy formulation and execution, corporate reputation, and corporate social responsibility—issues on which he consults for corporations and nonprofit organizations. He teaches the core course...


Pino Audia

Bio Pino Audia is a professor of Management and Organizations at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College where he is also the founding faculty director of the Center for Leadership. Prior to Tuck, he was on the faculty of the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley and London Business ...


Carol Ryan Ertz

Carol Ryan Ertz has been a Senior Associate with Action Learning Associates since 1996. Active in Human Resource Development, Carol has an extensive background in instructional design, facilitation, and consulting skills and has focused primarily on leadership and executive development. She has w...


Lance Giddens

Lance Giddens is a Senior Partner and the Lead Facilitator at Action Learning Associates (ALA) and brings with him over 20 years of experience in the field of executive development. He has traveled extensively in the United States, Europe and Asia working with business managers and government lea...


Scott Miller

Scott Miller is a Senior Partner and the Principal at Action Learning Associates (ALA). Scott designs and delivers programs that skillfully blend relevant classroom content with experiential learning, psychological and behavioral assessments, and various forms of peer and observer feedback. He is...


Brooke Moran

Brooke Moran, Ph.D., is a Senior Associate with Action Learning Associates, providing facilitation for LSI participants. Brooke applies experiential education methods and processes to help executives hone their leadership and interpersonal communication, and has worked with leaders from companies...


Chris Nute

Chris Nute is a Senior Partner and the Managing Partner with Action Learning Associates (ALA). As a consultant and educator, Chris’s particular expertise is in the facilitation of creating heightened personal cognizance through action-oriented methods, assessments, and developmental feedback. All...


Shane Meeker

Shane is a nationally recognized storyteller, story trainer and keynote speaker. For over 12 years now he has been regularly sharing his powerful and engaging story principles at hundreds of organizations, conferences and companies like Walt Disney, Exxon Mobil, American Express, US Bank and Ford...


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