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About the course

Payments using appropriated funds require significant attention to detail and oversight. It is important to understand the issues surrounding improper payments, payment types, root causes, and their impact. You will build a foundational knowledge and ability to identify methods to reduce risk of improper payments through prevention, detection, and recovery by participating in a series of discussions and exercises.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the requirements of legislation and executive orders regarding improper payments
  • Identify potential causes for improper payments and determine the best way to avoid them
  • Describe the types of improper payments and their impact on agencies

Course Topics

Introduction to Improper Payments

  • Terms and Concepts
  • Size of the Problem
  • Guidance on Improper Payments
  • Lesson Summary

Requirements and Guidance

  • Guidance and Laws
  • Lesson Summary

Reporting Requirements and Actual Results

  • Required Agency Actions
  • Large Program Reports
  • Compliance with the IPERA of 2010
  • Actual Results
  • Lesson Summary

Reducing Improper Payments

  • Root Causes – Categories
  • Agency Actions
  • Internal Controls
  • Recovery of Improper Payments
  • Lesson Summary

Government Charge Cards

  • Government Charge Cards
  • Risk Management
  • Controls to Prevent Misuse
  • Personal Accountability and Liability
  • Lesson Summary
  • Concluding Observations

Who should attend

This course is designed for supervisors, managers, program managers, and other individuals involved in processing and making federal payments.

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