Gender Sensitization and Communication: Bridging Gaps

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

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  • 5 days
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Indian Institute of Management Calcutta


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Who should attend

The program is designed for both men and women at all levels of management and anyone interested in gender sensitization and communication at the workplace. The course will cover ethical, legal, social and communication aspects associated with sexual harassment, its prevention, redressal and overall compliance with the law.

About the course

This program will sensitize participants to gender-based complexities in today’s workplaces. It will enable and empower participants to take informed decisions keeping in mind both their own rights and duties towards coworkers.

Here are some of the questions the program aims to address:

  • What constitutes sexual harassment?
  • How should an organization respond to allegations of gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment, both in online and offline interfaces?
  • What can an organization do to ensure employees have faith in the processes of gender justice?
  • What is gender-based online trolling? How does one cope with such online trolling?
  • What are different communication styles? Do men and women follow different styles of communication?

The program will be offered by legal experts, human resources and communication faculty, and professionals experienced in handling various types of sexual harassment and related complaints.


The key objectives of the program are:

  • To understand the construct of “gender” in contemporary society
  • Understand existing Indian laws on sexual harassment and related issues
  • Create awareness about sexual harassment and conditions that perpetuate such behavior
  • Learn coping strategies and procedures in case of any incidence of harassment at the workplace
  • Learn the concept of personal space and gender-appropriate behavior in both online and offline spaces
  • To understand and recognize different styles of communication
  • Develop gender sensitive practices at the workplace


  • Defining Sexual Harassment: We will discuss definitions, scope, criteria and types of sexual harassment and related behaviour.
  • Sexual harassment online: Harassment in online spaces is becoming more common making it important for people to understand nuances of such behaviours.
  • Nature and type of Complaints: There are many types of complaints. One may complain orally or file a written complaint. A complaint may even be filed anonymously as well. Or, it may be one where both the complainant and the respondent are known by all stakeholders.
  • Impact of Sexual Harassment complaints on all stakeholders: Different stakeholders are impacted in different ways. While maximum impact may be experienced by the complainant, many other people are also affected by such proceedings. Families, colleagues and employers are drawn into such a process and have critical roles to play.
  • Shaming and silencing in cases of sexual harassment: Societal and interpersonal influences may lead to silencing of the complainant and pressure to withdraw the case. Thus, it is important to discuss ways of coping with emotional distress and anxiety.
  • Internal Committee (IC): Role and Function: The three primary functions of the internal committee comprise awareness, counselling and redressal. It is also important to understand the intricacies of dealing with pressure exerted by various stakeholders.
  • Maintaining Confidentiality: While maintaining confidentiality in case of a sexual harassment complaint is of utmost importance, it is also the most challenging task. We will discuss critical measures that need to be taken throughout this process.
  • HR Dilemmas and responses: We also need to create awareness about potential misuse of sexual harassment policies in organisations. It is important to spread awareness about organisational dilemmas in dealing with high-performer deviants and discuss the role of power dynamics in shaping the investigation outcomes. Therefore, it is critical to orient and sensitize employees about sexual harassment issues accompanied by an analysis of real-world case situations and outcomes.
  • Styles of Communication: We all have different styles of communication. But are we aware of our communication strengths and weaknesses when communicating with people with different gender identities? Such awareness will help promote healthy practices in organizations.


This program will comprise interactive sessions including case discussions and team-based exercises drawing upon experience sharing and reflection. We will include discussion of video-based cases, real-life situations and current events. Role plays will also be a part of the pedagogy. A subsequent counselling session can be arranged on request for those interested.


Nisigandha Bhuyan

*Academic Background: * Ph.D, IIT Kanpur *Courses Taught: * Business Ethics, Professional Ethics, Ethics and Society, Ethics and Values in International Business, Perspectives and Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility, Managerial Ethics, Social Transformation Consulting Interests: Bu...

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Gender Sensitization and Communication: Bridging Gaps at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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