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Ama's Employment Law Course: Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls of EEO, Fmla and ADA

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May 9—10
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 2095
USD 1047 per day
Jul 8—9
2 days
New York, New York, United States
USD 2095
USD 1047 per day
Sep 9—10
2 days
Arlington, Virginia, United States
USD 2095
USD 1047 per day
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This interactive and case-study-centered employment law seminar combines a comprehensive overview of employee discrimination/EEO, the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Learn how to implement and apply legally defensible best practices in your organization. This two-day, interactive, case-study-centered seminar helps you gain confidence and expertise in dealing with complex employment law and employee relations issues. You'll gain a comprehensive overview of employee discrimination/EEO, the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

How You Will Benefit

  • Avoid costly litigation and outrageous judgments/settlements
  • Recruit, hire, discipline and terminate employees in a legal manner
  • Confidently deal with complex employment law and employee relations issues
  • Develop HR policies and procedures that comply with employment law and do not violate federal statutes
  • Know what constitutes "reasonable accommodations" and how to implement them without creating unique hardship
  • Protect yourself and your organization from the damaging effects of ill-advised employment decisions
  • Identify resources to review court rulings in the jurisdiction where your organization operates

What You Will Cover

  • Title VII: major provisions...who is covered...the role of the EEOC...the BFOQ concept...types of discrimination...what Title VII does not cover
  • Wrongful termination and at-will employment: definitions...contracts...public policy...negotiated resignations and discharge for cause
  • Americans with Disabilities Act: defining "disability" pre- and post-employment inquiries...reasonable accommodations...disability and benefits
  • Family Medical Leave Act: major provisions...employee eligibility...FMLA leave and benefits...litigation

Learning Objectives

  • Consult with HR and Legal Professionals Before Making Employment Decisions
  • Make Effective Management Decisions That Take into Considerations Major Employment Law Issues
  • Explain How to Develop and Administer Employee Policies and Procedures That Consider the General Decision-Making Principles from Federal Laws and Major Court Cases
  • Create a Respectful Workplace Environment That Is Reasonably Free of Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment
  • Explain the Employment At-Will Relationship

Understanding the Basics of Workplace Law

  • Explain the General Impact of Employment Laws on the Workplace
  • Identify Key Laws That Impact Employers and Employees
  • List Basic Legal Requirements and Obligations for Employers

Employment At-Will

  • Explain the Concept of Employment At-Will
  • Discuss Exceptions to the Employment At-Will Doctrine
  • Make Effective Corrective Action Decisions

Equal Employment, Discrimination, and Harassment

  • Make Job-Related Hiring and Employment Decisions
  • Create a Workplace Environment That Is Free of Discrimination and Harassment
  • Help Other Workplace Leaders to Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Claims

Sexual Harassment

  • Discuss Two Types of Sexual Harassment That Are Often Found in the Workplace
  • Create a Workplace Where People Are Able to Work Together as Professionals Without Unnecessary Sexual or Gender Tension
  • Identify Potential Issues at an Earlier Stage and Take Steps to Stop Actions That Might Lead to Formal Sexual Harassment Complaints

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as Amended

  • Discuss the Requirements Placed on Management to Give Equal Employment Opportunities to Qualified Individuals with Disabilities
  • Plan Pre-Employment Inquiries That Are Permitted by ADA
  • Manage ADA Issues as a Workplace Leader
  • Seek Help from Qualified Professionals When Dealing with a Disability Accommodation Issue

Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), as Amended

  • Explain Employer Responsibilities and Employer Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, as Amended
  • Make Decisions About Employee Leave Requests for Personal and Family Illnesses
  • Coordinate Leave Requests Between Line Managers and Human Resources


  • Prevent Retaliation Claims
  • Help Others to Respect the Rights of Individuals to Bring Complaints Forward
  • Recognize and Address Behaviors That May Be Seen as Retaliation

Managing Within the Law

  • Evaluate the Current Practices of Your Employer to Comply with the Law
  • Work with HR Professionals and Legal Advisors to Review Actual Employment Situations
  • Make Management Decisions That Are Consistent with Basic Legal Concepts

Who should attend

HR managers and professionals as well as corporate attorneys.


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Detailed Description
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