Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Family Businesses: Organisation, Strategies, Internationalisation and Succession

Available dates

Mar 17—19, 2020
3 days
Ahmedabad, India
INR 175000 ≈USD 2528
INR 58333 per day


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About the course

This 3-day programme is designed to raise awareness about opportunities, characteristics and challenges unique to family businesses and develop capabilities for organisation, strategies, internationalisation and succession in family businesses at different stages of their growth and evolutionary trajectories. This programme will enable family business owners and managers to build on and leverage distinct strengths of their family businesses and think through and develop appropriate solutions to respond to the complexities, uncertainties, and challenges in their businesses for sustainable growth, creation of wealth across generations and attracting and retaining professional talent.

The programme design is based on insights from family business research, case studies of problems experienced by family businesses (small, medium and large) around conflicts over priorities, tensions between existential and normative tasks, pursuing opportunities amidst resource constraints, environmental scanning and developing/expanding relevant capabilities, deciding on organisational issues that arise from task, people and culture, resolving growth stalls, evaluating international business opportunities, professional talent management, and addressing problems of succession.

Programme Highlights

  • Theme 1: What is involved in achieving alignment of family needs, priorities, hopes, business objectives and resolving conflicts power, influence of family members and professional talent required to grow the business?
  • Theme 2: How to engage with ´Strategy-as-practice’, inventing and discovering strategies, group relations, designing structures, architecture of systems and sustainability of management processes?
  • Theme 3: Which challenges of business internationalisation are unique to family businesses? How to decide on appropriate modes of entry, scale and geographical footprint?
  • Theme 4: How to organize succession processes in family businesses? Best practices to manage key governance and succession processes

Who should attend

Family business owners and members of their extended family with executive or non-executive roles in the family business, investors, founders, leaders, professionals associated with family businesses, entrepreneurs, and managers working with family businesses are invited to participate. Women in family businesses are particularly welcome. This programme would be especially useful for CEOs, Directors-executive and non-executive, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, General Managers, Profit Centre Heads and specialists in functions with responsibilities for decisions in family businesses; and for advisors, bankers and officials concerned with promoting entrepreneurship development and policies for small and medium enterprises and for helping larger family businesses to consolidate and transform for growth, diversification, turnarounds, internationalisation and succession in new horizons and trajectories with attention to the special challenges that concern family businesses.

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Ajeet Mathur

Ajeet N. Mathur is Professor in Strategy and International Business, concurrently affiliated to the Economics and Business Policy Areas at IIM Ahmedabad. His interests are at the crossroads of economics, human behaviour in groups, law, strategic management of organisational knowing and internatio...


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