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Competitive pressure, especially the pressure on sales growth and profit margins, are encouraging companies of all types to pursue globalization through industry consolidation. The availability of information technology and data capabilities have made serving and sourcing from global markets easier, thus permitting the adoption of new product and sales strategies, economic models and inventory management techniques to fuel growth.

The ability to operate profitably in diverse markets and to shift operations flexibly between sections is essential to the success of the business.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand effective methods and strategies required for retail management.
  • Understand how to utilize resources and techniques used in retail management.
  • Understand analysis of store location, merchandising, products and pricing.

Course Outline

Day 1

Retail logistics: changes and challenges

  • The logistics task
  • Retail logistics and supply-chain transportation
  • Supply-chain management in retail
  • Buyer – seller relationships in the supply-chain
  • Quick response and efficient customer response
  • The role of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)

Day 2

The Product Life Cycle (PLC) and Sales Strategies

  • The five (5) stages of the Product Life Cycle (PLC)
  • Implications of the Product Life Cycle for sales staff
  • Identifying similar and substitute products and services
  • Introducing different sales strategies

Day 3

Purchasing and Inventory Management

  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Stock: an asset or a liability?
  • The merchandise sequence
  • Control of physical stocks
  • Stock accounting

Day 4

Warehouse and Distribution Management

  • Warehouse functions and procedures
  • Distribution planning and performance
  • Warehouse management software (WMS) systems

Day 5

The Internationalisation of the Retail Supply-Chain

  • International Sourcing
  • Differences in distribution cultures across international markets
  • International logistics practices

## Course Methodology

A variety of methodologies will be used during the course that includes:

  • (30%) Based on Case Studies
  • (30%) Techniques
  • (30%) Role Play
  • (10%) Concepts
  • Pre-test and Post-test
  • Variety of Learning Methods
  • Lectures
  • Case Studies and Self Questionaires
  • Group Work
  • Discussion
  • Presentation

Who should attend

This course is aimed to those who wish to acquire a better understanding of logistical and supply-chain practices in the retail industry.


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Detailed Description
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