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Strategy and Capabilities as Core Components of Employee Experience HR's role in organizations has changed significantly over the last ten years. Top management is more and more relying on the HR Director and the HR-function to enable the achievement of the company's goals. HR professionals play a crucial role in strengthening companies’ strategic direction. In the future co-operation is highlighted, both inside the company and outside. New ways of working are affected by factors such as globalization and digitalization. Change has also been very rapid in the HR field over the last decade.

Identifying the company's strategic capabilities, and developing the organization and its experts, will play an increasingly important role in the future. The Executive HR program builds a connection between strategy, strategic competencies, digital transformation, globalization and other macro trends, and human resource management.

By participating in the program, you will develop your strategic thinking and ability to apply it to your company's human resources management. You will also develop your own leadership and ability to have an impact as an HR manager. The program is taught by the top professors in Finland; it is based on interactive learning methods, and dialogue between theory and practice is emphasized in the content.


The participant will increase his or her strategic understanding of human resources management, and of strategic capabilities and future trends, from the HR perspective in particular

Increases the participant's ability to align, integrate and innovate HR practices with the strategy, strategic capabilities and goals

Develops the participant's personal ability to have an impact and lead

You will solve the organization’s human resource management challenges

The program enhances the participant's expertise in challenging HR management tasks and improves career advancement opportunities

Through the program, you will develop your company's HR management by increased competence of HR professionals

Contents and Schedule

Module 1: Strategic Human Resource Management


May 23-25, 2018


Helsinki, Finland

  • Personal development goals as an HR professional
  • Strategy and strategic capabilities, digital transformation
  • The linkages between strategy, capabilities and HRM
  • Working with an organizational culture and social architecture

Module 2: New Developments in HR Practices


August 29-30, 2018


Helsinki, Finland

  • Strategic Talent Management
  • The future direction of performance management
  • The importance of rewarding and its impact on an organization
  • The effects of different macro trends, such as digitalization and globalization, on a company's various functions, particularly from the HR perspective

Module 3: An HR Manager with an Impact


October 3-5, 2018


Helsinki, Finland

  • How to promote strategic human resource management discussion
  • The ethics and psychology of influence, and ways of benefiting from the nine principles of how to have an influence via communications
  • ‘Selling’ ideas by means of constructive interaction
  • Body language during interaction
  • Me, the HR manager

Who should attend

  • Organizations and individuals who want HR management to play a strategic role (and be part of the renewal of their organization)
  • Experienced managers who are part of the management team in their organization
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Research interests Organizational behavior and leadership Creativity, innovation, proactiveness, and ambidextrous behavior at the individual level Strategy-making, knowledge sharing, social exchange relationships, brokerage behavior CURRICULUM VITAE Education Ph.D. (organization and managem...
I am a Professor of Practice, Digital Operations at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University, School of Science and a Chief Research Scientist at the Research Institute for the Finnish Economy. I hold a PhD in Industrial Economics. My research focuses on global ...
Ingmar Björkman has been the Dean of the School of Business since January 1, 2012. In addition to his role as Dean, he teaches the 'Strategic Human Resource Management' course in the Executive MBA program and co-teaches the bachelor's level course 'Introduction to Business.'. BACKGROUND Ingmar ...


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