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Cues CEO Institute 1: Strategic Planning Finance Program

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About the course

The constantly evolving financial services industry — where leaders face both dynamic market conditions and new regulatory compliance requirements — highlights the need for credit unions to be adaptable and agile.

Through a partnership with Wharton, the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) allows you to strengthen your leadership skills and earn your Certified Chief Executive (CCE) designation at the CUES CEO Institute. The three-week program begins with a focus on strategy. You must complete all three weeks of CUES CEO Institute and two assignments to earn your designation.

Program Highlights & Benefits

In the CUES CEO Institute 1: Strategic Planning Finance Program, you will:

  • Develop an intuitive understanding of how to anticipate change, gauge its impacts on your organization, and get ahead of it
  • Focus on scenario planning and strategies to anticipate organizational change and proceed proactively
  • Apply what you've learned in a hands-on, post-segment project that centers on live challenges that you face and offers an immediate return on investment

Experience & Impact

Credit union chief executives, like all financial service industry leaders, face an industry marked by rapid change, including a constantly evolving regulatory environment. A disciplined focus on strategy has become crucial for success. CUES CEO Institute 1: Strategic Planning Finance Program helps you learn to turn challenges into change. This session, offered by Wharton, is one of three weeks you have to complete to earn your CCE designation. The second and third parts of the program focus on organizational effectiveness and leadership and take place at Cornell University and Darden, respectively.

Delve into strategic planning and discover how change can positively affect your organization while discussing the driving forces that shape your business and maintaining a competitive advantage in changing times.

Emphasizing the importance of strategic leadership, this program presents a comprehensive approach to strategy development that explores viable change scenarios and potential outcomes, and how to formulate and focus your vision.

In sum, this program provides credit union executives with well-tested tools and frameworks that will clarify and enhance their strategic thinking.

Session topics include:

  • Driving Forces that Shape Your Business
  • How to Maintain a Competitive Advantage in Changing Times
  • Viable Change Scenarios and Potential Outcomes
  • How to Formulate Organizational Change Processes and Focus Vision
  • Strengths of Effective Leaders and How You Can Enhance Your Own Leadership Skills

Through highly interactive lectures, exercises, and case studies, both in the classroom and in smaller work groups, this deep dive into strategy will examine how companies have created competitive advantage in a global context.

Additionally, hands-on exercises include mapping a firm’s “system of interconnected choices” to depict core and supporting activities and their interdependencies. These strategy maps help managers understand underlying tradeoffs, prioritize resources, and anticipate the ramifications that arise when firms engage in change initiatives.

Overall, you will learn how to:

  • Tailor the planning process to the needs of individual business units
  • Enhance your ability to assess the strategic impact of the moves of your competitors and how to maintain competitive advantage
  • Understand the general drivers that create and sustain competitive advantage
  • Start the process of mapping your organization’s system of interconnected choices
  • Coordinate strategy across multiple lines of business

Who should attend

CUES CEO Institute 1: Strategic Planning Finance Program is designed for high-level executives from different companies within the credit union field.

Faculty tailor the program content to the specific needs of this audience, so participants enjoy a learning experience that truly resonates with them and meets their learning needs.

Participants leave the program with an expanded peer network, plus specific tools and frameworks they can use to make a meaningful strategic impact within their companies or organizations.

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