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Collective Bargaining for Union Activists (LB410)

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About the course

This workshop is designed to develop the skills of union negotiators who do not have extensive experience in advancing a collective bargaining strategy and in conducting face-to-face negotiations at the bargaining table; or who are more experienced bargainers who would like to learn more about coordinating table tactics with membership support activities (a Contract Campaign).

Key Topics

  • The bargaining process, timing and procedures
  • Bargaining techniques, strategies and tactics
  • Maximizing effectiveness of the bargaining committee
  • Reading the other side; articulating the members' needs; using the caucus
  • Identifying the employer's pressure points
  • Coordinating table tactics with membership support activities

Approach and Features

This live in-person workshop utilizes group discussions and exercises. Participants are invited to consider current bargaining methods and how to become more effective in the circumstances that face their Union.

Benefits to You and Your Organization

Participants benefit from observing numerous bargaining styles and negotiate with participants from various unions and sectors. Participants can build their confidence and skill level in a safe environment and gain feedback on their approach.

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