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The Cambridge Negotiations lab

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The Cambridge Negotiations Lab

Next dates

May 15—16
2 days
Cambridge, United Kingdom
GBP 2760 ≈USD 3598
GBP 1380 per day
Sep 19—20
2 days
Cambridge, United Kingdom
GBP 2760 ≈USD 3598
GBP 1380 per day


Relationships are central to business success. Yet they are fragile. Good management - of one's life and career - requires a set of distinct 'relational' skills: the ability to distribute value, to spot opportunities for value creation, to deal with differences, to circumvent or resolve conflict, to be seen as fair and objective, and to handle difficult conversations. The reality is that many of those you meet have different world views, ambitions, values, risk preferences, loyalties, prejudices, likes and dislikes. Being able to reconcile these differences through effective negotiation - even using them to create value - thus becomes a valuable skill. It is also a skill you can use more or less immediately.

This practical, hands-on workshop is structured around three key tensions that exist within most types of negotiations:

  • the tension between creating and distributing value
  • the tension between the interests of principals and their agents
  • the tension between empathising with another's point of view and asserting your own

In any negotiation, people make implicit choices about how to manage each of these tensions. Here we treat them explicitly, and explore ways of reconciling the trade-offs. In a real sense, the management of conflicting (and also shared) interests lies at the heart of every negotiation.


  • The seven critical elements to successful negotiations
  • Managing conflict to reconcile different interests and objectives
  • Reconciling the interests of principals and agents
  • Managing the balance between empathy and assertiveness to achieve a successful outcome
  • Cross-cultural negotiations
  • Multi-party negotiations


You'll learn from outstanding faculty and associates of Cambridge Judge Business School and gain a truly international experience from your global peer group.

At the core of this workshop are four interactive negotiations exercises which:

  • provide you with 'hands on' experience of negotiating
  • give you an opportunity to learn about yourself as a negotiator and to learn by observing those around you in action
  • provide a 'safe' environment to experiment with different negotiating styles or analytical techniques, without incurring significant losses or getting hurt. We move progressively from relatively simple to more complex types of negotiations

Who should attend

Those who wish to refresh their negotiating skills or who have little or no formal training in negotiations.


Professor of Organisational Ethnography Fellow of Darwin College DPhil (University of Oxford) Research interests Studying people by living with them under similar conditions so as to better understand how they experience, and develop meaningful relations to, the world as it happens. Mark''s...


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Detailed Description
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