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Certified job Evaluation Professional

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This course examines the methods and processes that support job analysis, job documentation and job evaluation in order to attract and retain effective talent. You'll cover various methods of job evaluation including quantitative and market-based approaches. Exercises help you see how the methods outlined in the course can be put into practice in your organization.

  • Review strategic concepts associated with job analysis, documentation and evaluation.
  • Learn how to approach job analysis planning and implementation.
  • Discuss job documentation and the necessary components and format for job descriptions.
  • Examine market-based and content-based job evaluations with a focus on quantitative and non-quantitative approaches.

Course Objectives

This course will provide you with the information and guidance to design and define job roles and key accountabilities of each job to support your organisation structure and business goals, and the key objectives of this course are to help you develop the following skills:

  • Understand the main components of job analysis and how to establish a framework
  • Know how to use job analysis to understand job roles and accountabilities
  • Know the numerous different output formats of job analysis (such as role summary, job accountability statement, job descriptions, and job profiles)
  • Know the step-by-step guide to developing job descriptions and job profiles
  • Develop the skills required to write job descriptions and person specifications
  • Understand how to use job families to simplify job analysis
  • Know the link of job analysis to job evaluation and grading and performance management
  • Know best-practice to communicate the results of job analysis to employees
  • Understand how to use job analysis to improve organisational design and development

Course Outline

Introduction and Overview

  • What Job Evaluation Is and Is Not
  • The Objectives of Job Evaluation
  • How Job Evaluation Assists in the Achievement of Compensation Objectives
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Job Evaluation
  • Commitment to the Process and Results

Job Evaluation Methods

  • Job Evaluation Methods Choosing the One for You
  • Simple Ranking
  • Grade Classification
  • Factor Comparison
  • Factor Points Systems
  • Choice of System

Factor Point Systems Part 1 The Different Systems

  • Factor Points Systems Developments
  • The Main Factor Points Systems Outlined and Explained
  • What Is Common about All Factor Points Systems
  • Analysis of Available Regional Factor Points Systems
  • Job Evaluation System
  • The Hay Guide Chart Profile Method
  • Comparing the Main Factor Points Systems
  • Computer Based Systems History and Usage

Factor Point Systems Part 2 Using a Factor Points System

  • Job Evaluation Guidelines
  • Sources of Error in Job Evaluation
  • Key Ingredients for Evaluators
  • Practical Evaluating Jobs
  • Preparation for Project

Administration and Maintenance

  • Importance of Job Descriptions
  • Job Evaluation Policy
  • Confidentiality in Job Evaluation
  • The Job Evaluation Process
  • Administration and Procedures
  • How Job Evaluation Can Be Manipulated
  • Managing Job Evaluation through the Committee Process
  • Importance of Communication in Job Evaluation
  • Terms Used in Job Evaluation

Course Methodology

A variety of methodologies will be used during the course that includes:

  • (30%) Based on Case Studies
  • (30%) Techniques
  • (30%) Role Play
  • (10%) Concepts
  • Pre-test and Post-test
  • Variety of Learning Methods
  • Lectures
  • Case Studies and Self Questionaires
  • Group Work
  • Discussion
  • Presentation

Who should attend

  • HR Professionals who have responsibility for influencing compensation policy and structures within their organisation
  • HR Professionals who need to understand more about pay and grading structures and how they are designed and implemented
  • Any Management Professionals who makes compensation related decisions, e.g. determines pay level awards in the course of completing employee appraisals
  • HR Professionals who advise senior managers on compensation issues.
  • Line Professionals and HR Professionals, Compensation and Benefit Specialists.
  • Senior Management Professionals and HR Professionals who need to have a strategic understanding and view of employee compensation


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Detailed Description
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