Certificate in Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Front-Line Managers

Schulich Executive Learning Centre

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  • 5 days
  • online

What are the topics?

Schulich Executive Learning Centre


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Who should attend

This program benefits newly appointed supervisors, office administrators and managers with a minimum of one year’ direct employee management experience, including division managers; office managers and supervisors; training, HR and industrial relations specialists; project managers, team leaders and supervisors; branch managers; plant and production managers; public sector managers; and development managers.

About the course

Your learning process begins at registration!

You’ll receive a preparation package, including the Skills Inventory for Supervisors and Managers questionnaire, before the first class. Use this to discover your leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. Apply this insight during your in-class training to examine real-time issues instead of hypothetical case studies, and learn to implement your leadership style to fit any organizational context. Master the art of conducting effective team meetings that generate meaningful outcomes, and become an expert communicator with staff, management and customers.

Benefit from the curriculum’s extensive interactive training format, a variety of modern teaching approaches, customized assessment tools – including the Myers-Briggs Assessment Inventory – lectures, leadership surveys, group case discussions, role plays, visual aids and team exercises. The certificate, divided into five fundamental learning cornerstones, covers the key roles of effective supervisors and managers; leadership and team motivation; communications skills training and staff development; delegation, problem-solving and decision-making; and employee conflict resolution and performance evaluation.

Course content details

Pre-Work Package and the Myers-Briggs Assessment Survey

Your learning process will begin as soon as you register. You will be sent the Skills Inventory for Supervisors and Managers questionnaire. During the program, you will use the Myers-Briggs Assessment Survey. This management training tool has been successfully used by over 25 million individuals in 25 countries. It will help you understand, coach, motivate and lead your staff for increased efficiency and will ensure greater value to your organization.

The Key Roles of Frontline Supervisors and Managers

The Role of the Supervisor

  • Moving from “doing” to “planning and supervising”
  • Being responsible for results
  • Acting as a role model
  • Supervisory responsibilities: what does that entail?
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment and Interpretation of your results

Developing a ‘Management’ Mindset

  • Clarifying your authority and limitations
  • Identifying traditional and current supervisory roles
  • The importance of setting the right example
  • Working with older, more experienced staff, former peers, friends and younger staff
  • Managing a diverse workforce

The Thinking and Planning Processes

  • Steps in the planning process
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Prioritizing the workload
  • Establishing a routine that works for you
  • Increase your effectiveness in managing your resource of time

Effective Leadership and Team Motivation Techniques

The Supervisor as a Leader

  • What is leadership? Can anybody do it?
  • Becoming a role model
  • Competencies of great leaders
  • What does the situation demand?
  • Your leadership style: implications in the workplace
  • Discover your present leadership style – what does this mean?

The Supervisor and The Team

  • Defining teams in the 21st century
  • Behaviours of successful teams and building trust
  • The four stages of teambuilding
  • The supervisor’s role in building a team
  • How personality (MBTI) impacts a team

Motivation Techniques

  • Fundamental motivational techniques: telling and asking employees
  • Creating opportunities to achieve
  • Motivating without money
  • Dealing with morale issues

Communications Skills Training/Staff Development

Communicating for Results

  • Implications of your leadership style on your communication process
  • Developing effective listening, questioning and probing skills
  • Giving, receiving and asking for feedback
  • Understanding non-verbal cues: yours and theirs

Communicating Expectations

  • Setting standards and targets
  • What to do when employees complain about too much work
  • The right way to give praise
  • How to constructive criticism without making employees angry

Training Employees

  • Preparing an employee for training
  • Developing your own training skills
  • Coaching after the training is done

Improving Delegation, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

The Supervisor and the Problem-Solving Process

  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Recognizing, identifying problems and using proven problem solving tools for successful implementation

The Supervisor and the Decision-Making Process

  • What types of decisions do supervisors and administrators face?
  • Ensuring your decisions are adhered to and supported
  • Decision-making tools

Delegating Tasks

  • What things should and should not be delegated to others
  • How to be fair when establishing work assignments and targets
  • Proven approaches to getting employee cooperation

Employee Conflict Resolution and Performance Evaluation

Managing and Resolving Conflict

  • How to deal with a difficult employee
  • Ways to resolve internal squabbles

Developing Your People Through Performance Management

  • Understanding the purpose of your organization’s performance management system and your responsibilities
  • How to manage ongoing performance issues
  • Why documentation is essential

Performance Appraisals and Discipline

  • Why appraisals are necessary
  • The basics of conducting them effectively
  • Discipline – steps involved in this process

Program Wrap-Up

  • Developing your personal action plan for back at the office


Laura Boyd-Brown

Biography An accomplished speaker, seminar leader, strategist and coach, Laura Boyd-Brown, BBA, CAE, CHRL, CPSC, has gained invaluable insights in business with more than 25 years of corporate experience. A graduate in Business from Mount Saint Vincent University (BBA), she holds a Certificate in...

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Certificate in Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Front-Line Managers at Schulich Executive Learning Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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