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Building Personal Leadership Skills: Creating Stronger Relationships for a Stronger Organisation

Sep 22—26, 2019
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day
Dec 8—12, 2019
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day
Jun 14—18, 2020
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day
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This seminar will provide the essential keys to becoming a great professional leader in modern business. Here you will learn how to lead your team effectively and to motivate them to achieve the stronger relationships you need to build a stronger organisation.

The 5-day programme will enable participants to become the professional leader who can inspire, motivate and achieve.

The seminar will highlight:

  • The essential keys to successful leadership in business
  • How to build a successful team which achieves required results
  • How to create a learning environment at work where team members can grow and develop new skills
  • How to stay on seminar whilst constantly refocusing your group’s or your department’s goals.
  • How to become a leader who can innovate and add value to your organisation, your customers and your stakeholders.


By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Become a visionary, innovative and successful team leader
  • Use a leadership style that works effectively with different situations
  • Inspire your team to greater motivation, knowledge and skills
  • Identify opportunities for strategic alliances with colleagues
  • Become a successful communicator, coach and mentor


Participants at this seminar will receive a thorough training in the subjects covered in the seminar outline, with the tutor using a variety of proven adult learning, teaching and facilitating techniques.

  • Seminar methodology includes group discussions, practical exercises, personal profiling and case studies
  • Material is presented in a relaxed style to achieve maximum participation
  • The focus throughout is on sharing practical ideas to create stronger business relationships and a stronger organisation


The seminar will focus on the development of successful leaders who are able to add value to the organisation in which they work. This will include:

  • Techniques for achieving successful leadership in the workplace
  • Clear communication of business objectives
  • Alignment of team members’ behaviour to meet organisational goals
  • Ability to move a department or unit forward by achieving business goals
  • Development of the abilities of team members
  • Motivation of team members to achieve ongoing business success


Participants will develop the personal skills to be an effective leader of a work group. These include:

  • Ability to use a range of leadership skills to motivate others
  • Increased confidence and awareness of own strengths
  • Ability to develop team members and their motivation
  • Ability to increase the personal contribution of team members
  • Development of personal communication skills
  • Ability to work successfully with wide range of stakeholders and customers


Day1 - The need for leadership in the modern workplace

  • The background against which we manage and lead in today’s business
  • The difference between doing, managing and leading
  • Characteristics of highly effective leaders
  • What leaders do to achieve results; leadership style; transformational leadership
  • Leaders and practical motivation
  • Developing a personal leadership mind-set
  • Personal profiling: knowing our own leadership strengths and areas to develop

Day2 - Building and leading successful teams

  • Achieving the high-performing team
  • Developing team members
  • Working successfully across team boundaries – team working and strategic alliances
  • Identifying the essential factors in motivation. Linking theory to practice.
  • Decision-making with teams
  • The benefits and barriers to delegation: knowing what and how to delegate – the different delegation styles.

Day3 - Developing the key players: from performance appraisal to performance management

  • Successful performance appraisal: the essential ingredients and the benefits
  • Leading performance appraisal forward to performance management
  • Teleological thinking and target setting
  • Agreeing and working towards objectives
  • Building on success and recognising achievement
  • Dealing with performance gaps
  • Everyday coaching as a performance management tool
  • Coaching styles and behaviours
  • The leader as a mentor

Day4 - Key communication skills of leaders

  • The essentials of effective interpersonal communication in the leadership role
  • Personal communication skills: confidence, clarity, understanding and trust
  • Communicating successfully with the team, with colleagues and with stakeholders
  • Understanding assertiveness in leadership
  • Using assertiveness to achieve win-win outcomes
  • Communicating effectively in difficult situations

Day5 - Leadership strategies, ongoing success and tools for building a learning environment

  • Defining a learning organisation
  • The benefits of creating a learning environment and steps to achieving this
  • Creating opportunities for team members to develop experience and confidence for ongoing success
  • Managing and leading change: creating a shared vision
  • Leading successful change in modern business
  • Action planning for return to work: seminar members will develop an action plan of Personal Leadership Actions they intend to apply on return to work.

Who should attend

This seminar is designed to develop essential leadership skills, enabling the transition from a good to a great professional leader.

It is designed both for experienced managers wanting to develop further specific leadership skills and for all managers looking to acquire the essential techniques to lead a busy working team.

It will enable managers to:

  • Add value to their organisation, its customers and stakeholders
  • Achieve outstanding business results
  • Develop their confidence in leadership
  • Increase the motivation of team members
  • Be able to work successfully across team boundaries

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Sep 22—26, 2019
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day
Dec 8—12, 2019
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day
Jun 14—18, 2020
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day
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