Becoming a Positive Leader to Accelerate Positive Change

IESE Business School

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  • 5 days
  • in person

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IESE Business School


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General Management Executive from South Africa 2016

Course quality: excellent
Instructors: excellent
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): excellent
Primary takeaway: It is a perfect leadership course for personal development. It helps you mirror your leadership attributes positively.
Things to improve: I would not change anything because brings out the positive side of leadership, which other leadership courses do no provide. The self assessment offered by the course is worth trying.

Comprehensive course analysis

How many participants were promoted within three years after graduation?
How did this course affect participants' professional trajectories?
How many participants got their salary increased within two years after completing the program?
What do past participants have to say about the course?
Individual needs analysis

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Who should attend

The “Become a Positive Leader to Accelerate Positive Change” program targets human resource professionals and their teams; executives who are spearheading change or in the midst of a career transformation; and leaders who aspire to develop creative, committed and constructive teams.

About the course

Increasing employee engagement, driving innovation and change, and stimulating top-level performance involves taking a positive new approach to leadership that builds on strengths.

Run jointly by IESE Business School and Michigan’s Ross School of Business, this program will provide you with the techniques and tools you need to stimulate performance in others by focusing on their strengths.


  • Learn techniques to unlock the highest potential within yourself and others.
  • Discover how to develop high-impact relationships and a results-oriented work environment.
  • Develop capacity to stimulate individual and organizational growth.
  • Make a step-by-step plan to confront leadership challenges in your organization.


In this Program, you will engage in an exciting, introspective, and intense opportunity to reflect on yourself and your organization. You will explore in detail:

Positive Leadership Framework

• Introduction to the POS framework. • Application of the framework to personal and organizational life.

Enabling Spectacular Performance and an Exceptional Culture

• Tools and techniques to motivate employees. • Setting the stage for implementation to excel.

Character development (nurture vs nature)

• Self-awareness and development of positive qualities. • Leveraging crisis situations as opportunities for resilience and learning

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Basilica: Drawing Inspiration from Gaudí

• Motivate oneself and others with a sense of purpose and mission. • Creativity for overcoming challenges and constraints to accomplish great work. • Evaluating the present to create an alternative future.

Reflected Best Self Exercise

• Customized feedback on your strengths and strength profile. • Creating a picture of you at your best.

Deep Change

• Understanding the power of emotions and managing them in the work environment. • Clarifying values and purpose.

Creating a Positive Organizational Culture

• Positive climate: stress prevention; mindfulness and well-being. • Pros, Cons and sustainability of positive culture.

High-Quality Connections and Energy Networks

  • Understanding the necessity for high-quality connections.
  • Learning how to create the connections you need to influence the future.
  • Trust and empowerment.

Action Plan: Change starts with you

  • Planning and Positioning for Excellence.
  • Development of a 21-day personal action plan


The “Become a Positive Leader to Accelerate Positive Change” program combines a variety of dynamic methodologies, including a Reflected Best Self Assesment, case studies, team exercises, a personal development plan and experiential learning activities, all designed to help you grow as a leader and catalyze positive organizational change. The program also offers an enriching forum for interaction with faculty and peers.


Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron is William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations in the Ross School of Business and Professor of Higher Education in the School of Education.    His past research on organizational virtuousness, downsizing, effectiveness, corporate quality culture, and the developmen...

Alberto Ribera

Areas of Interest Self-leadership: personality assessment and character development of managers Positive leadership: values, virtues, meaning/purpose, fulfilment Coaching, mentoring and therapy Stress and burnout, mid-life crises, mindfulness Management in Middle East and Africa, Business for pe...

Anneloes Raes

Areas of Interest Top management teams Relationships between top and middle managers Teamwork Temporal dynamics of teamwork Anneloes Raes is an associate professor in the Department of Managing People in Organizations at IESE. She holds a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Maastricht University...

Shawn Quinn

Research Shawn Quinn is The Managing Partner for LIFT Consulting and a Partner in the Competing Values Company. He is also an instructor in the Executive Education Program at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He teaches courses on leadership, change and innovation. Shawn also ...

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Becoming a Positive Leader to Accelerate Positive Change at IESE Business School

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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