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Feb 17—22, 2020
6 days
Ahmedabad, India
INR 140000 ≈USD 1969
INR 23333 per day


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About the course

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategies are essential for encouraging innovation, increasing sales revenue, assisting in marketing penetration, and aiding in market entry for any organisation. B2B marketing strategies provide a framework for analysing an organisation’s strategies, identifying synergies with various stakeholders, and building and leveraging company’s core competencies using relationship marketing approach.

Given the complex nature of B2B transactions, managers need to understand, learn, and adapt to combat the challenges of the businesses today. In order to do so, managers need to have a comprehensive understanding of various issues such as: understanding organisational needs, segmenting and targeting markets, leveraging marketing channels for competitive advantage, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness, and augmenting sales performance among other things.

This programme will offer marketing concepts and tools for segmentation, targeting, positioning, market entry, branding, marketing communication, and managing alliances in a B2B context. Additionally, the programme will offer insights into contemporary issues like social network management, handling downturn, and managing change.

Programme Highlights

  • Understanding B2B marketing process: Anticipating needs

• B2B marketing in online context

• Market research in B2B context

• Prospecting, targeting, and segmentation in B2B context

• Align marketing efforts with the organisational goals

• Delivering value in B2B context: Developing an optimal sales proposition

• Understanding organisational buying behaviour

• Branding in B2B context

• Managing strategic alliances

• Designing and managing marketing channels

• Designing marketing campaign in B2B context

• How to handle declining sales: Strategic decision-making in a crisis situation

• Marketing communication in B2B context

• Social network management in B2B context

• Market selection, market entry, and market exit

• B2B marketing in an international context: Understand and anticipate change

Desired Outcomes

• Expanded analytical capability to capitalise on business opportunities

• Advanced knowledge and skills to compete effectively in B2B context.

• Increased skill-set in the domain of strategic planning, decision-making, problem-solving, and general management.

• Increased self-belief to navigate successfully across clients, partners, and colleagues.

• Gain insight into the management of your product portfolio.

• Improved ability to develop and/or strengthen relationship with your customer and supplier.

• Apply industrial-organisational psychology and B2B marketing concepts and tools in a stable as well as a tumultuous environment.

Who should attend

  • Existing and potential mid-to-senior level managers who want to enhance their proficiency in B2B Marketing.
  • Managers who wish to develop, augment, and/or ameliorate their managerial ability to plan, prepare, and operate tactically in B2B marketing domain.
  • Managers who are keen to strengthen their analytical and decision-making skills in B2B domain by obtaining a broad understanding of key marketing and management concepts and practices.

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Anand Kumar Jaiswal

Professor Jaiswal's research interests include bottom of the pyramid (BOP) markets, services management, customer satisfaction, business-to-consumer e-commerce, Healthcare Management and Innovation in healthcare, and brand extension management. He has published papers in the Journal of Business E...


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