Advanced Persuasion & Influencing Skills for Policing

Oxford Management Centre

How long?

  • 5 days
  • in person

What are the topics?

Oxford Management Centre


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Who should attend

This Oxford training course aimed at all aspects of Policing whether you are front-facing or leading teams this course will help you in the following roles:

  • Team Leaders
  • Traffic Police
  • Support Functions
  • Community Police Roles
  • First-line and Middle Managers
  • Criminal Investigation Department (CID)

About the course

The profession of policing entails influencing and persuasion in order to solicit compliance and achieve true conversion.

This Oxford Advanced Persuasion & Influencing Skills for Policing training course will help the participants gain effectiveness in their personal interactions within their organization and with the public at large. You will learn advanced code of influence and effective principles of persuasion, which are essential to establish positive public perception and generate a desire to comply with you.

Rapport is everything that happens after the first 4 to 10 seconds of your interaction with someone. In attending this highly interactive and informative training course, you will learn the psychology of establishing strong rapport, create likeability, and generate cooperation to achieve organisational goals and objectives. By learning the attributes of influence and effective application of the laws of persuasion, you will be empowered to play a more positive and proactive role in shaping more outcomes in your favour. It will help you understand the heart of the human self-concept and how it develops in relation to work-teams and social groups.

This Oxford training course will highlight:

  • The psychological drivers of individuals and the concept of self
  • Impression Management Tactics
  • Triggers of Mind Control
  • The Laws of Persuasion
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Codes of Influence


By the end of this Oxford training course, the participants will learn to:

  • Conceptualize and develop influencing skills to achieve positive outcomes
  • Engage psychological drivers to enhance collaboration and performance
  • Apply the laws of persuasion to gain compliance
  • Exert positive influence without utilizing trickeries and manipulations
  • Utilise persuasive communication skills to achieve results
  • Use system centred group communication skills to generate breakthrough ideas

Training Methodology

The Oxford training course will be highly interactive employing group and individual work, video and audio clips, and team exercises with opportunities for the participants to practice skills and knowledge in a safe learning environment. The training sessions will utilise active learning styles to ensure knowledge and practice are well integrated.

Organisational Impact

The Police organisation will benefit greatly and can expect the participants to:

  • Define: Manipulation, Compliance, Persuasion, Influence, and Conversion
  • Return to work with a greater understanding of an individual's psychological makeup
  • Increase trust and improve team performance
  • Engage in effective team-communication and generate positive results
  • Enhance teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Understand the attributes of influence and apply them appropriately

Personal Impact

In attending this Oxford training course, the participants can expect to:

  • Understand individual psychological drivers and motives
  • Integrate laws of influence to improve public relations
  • Develop a framework to influence and persuade others
  • Recognise the impact of persuasion gambits used by themselves and others and how to turn them to their advantage
  • Strategize effective relationship management
  • Develop adaptive skills to persuade effectively

Course Outline


Personality-driven Code of Influence

  • Personality and personhood development
  • The science of personality for better public interactions
  • Personality-driven motivation and internal scripts
  • Avoiding the traps of priority and pacing conflicts
  • Getting rid of personal blindspot and emotional blockages


Self-concept and Personal Development

  • Developing self-awareness and concept of self
  • Congruent policing with Triangulation of self and values formation
  • Psychological drivers the motivations for good and evils
  • Information processing routes
  • Better social self for deeper public trust


Managing Relationship and Impression

  • Managing Intrapersonal and interpersonal skills
  • Impression management and emotional intelligence
  • How are people wired?
  • To push or to pull and when to use them
  • Building better relationships with 3rd level listening skills


Building Effective Group

  • Don’t get stuck in the storm when working as a team
  • Maximizing on the dynamics of group interaction
  • Appropriate bases of power for effective public control
  • System centred brainstorming for breakthrough ideas
  • Working effectively with different personalities in your team


Psychology of Influence

  • Triggers of mind-control and know when to use them
  • The laws of persuasion for public compliance
  • Pay attention to non-verbal code of influence
  • The elements of emotion and logic in decision making
  • Review and Action Plan

Advanced Persuasion & Influencing Skills for Policing at Oxford Management Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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