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January 18, 2021

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INSEAD Business School
CREATING EFFECTIVE LEADERS In business, executives often focus on models of rational analysis, paying far too little attention to the idiosyncrasies and irrational processes that make up individual human behaviour. At the heart of success however, lies a true understanding of the emotional...
Jan 18—Dec 10, 2021
20 days in Fontainebleau, France
41,759 USD
Asper School of Business
You will fast-track your leadership and strategy skills! The intensive nature of this program invites you to take a step back from your daily responsibilities in order to focus completely on all aspects of management and leadership. Along the way you'll have plenty of opportunities to network...
Jan 18—Mar 12, 2021
11 days in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
4,911 USD
2 more dates
Harvard Business School
Jan 18—22, 2021
5 days in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
11,400 USD
Aalto University School of Business
Get an Unfair Negotiation Advantage This program gives you an unfair advantage – by helping you to prepare and execute strategic negotiations more effectively. Get more of what you want by ensuring that the other party gets what they want – and thereby create world-class deals. The Aalto...
Jan 18—19, 2021
2 days in Helsinki, Finland
3,199 USD
2 more dates
Oxford Management Centre
This intensive seminar will show you how to formulate, develop, and implement plans that help you achieve strategic goals and realise your vision. As a result you will learn how to shift from reacting to low importance business issues to being proactive and shaping your strategic direction...
Jan 18—22, 2021
5 days in London, United Kingdom
5,950 USD
8 more dates
School of Hotel Administration
The General Managers Program is a transformational learning experience for elite hotel general managers and their immediate successors. GMP elevates decision-makers with the power of strategic thinking through a rigorous face-to-face experience with renowned faculty and industry peers on the...
Jan 18—28, 2021
10 days in Ithaca, New York, United States
13,490 USD
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