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January 17, 2021

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The Wharton School
Managing a merger or acquisition can be one of the greatest challenges faced by an organization. To reap maximum value, leaders must consider multiple factors, balance short- and long-term needs, and guide well-planned execution — often under the watchful eye of their board and investors. In...
Jan 17—22, 2021
6 days in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
14,370 USD
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Harvard Kennedy School
Jan 17—Feb 12, 2021
24 days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
24,900 USD
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Sloan School of Management
Jan 17—22, 2021
6 days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
11,900 USD
Oxford Management Centre
There are seismic changes in the world of business with the introduction of new technology and change. For example, AI technology in transport could change fundamentally the roles that people are employed to undertake. It could mean that we have driverless cars, vans and lorries. What will happen...
Jan 17—21, 2021
5 days in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
5,950 USD
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