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Personalized learning at scale: AI-Powered tools revolutionize education3 min read

June 1, 2023 3 min read


Personalized learning at scale: AI-Powered tools revolutionize education3 min read

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This blog post summarized insights from Josh Bersin, renowned thought leader and founder of Bersin & Associates by Deloitte. Josh has become a trusted authority on the intersection of technology and learning. With his recent experience at the ASU/GSV conference, where he encountered a passionate community of educators, entrepreneurs, and corporate training professionals going wild for AI, Bersin shares his perspectives on the frenzy surrounding AI in education. EdTech has taken a deep dive into the world of AI, and the enthusiasm is off the charts. The corporate learning market, valued at around $320 billion, is a prime target for disruption, and L&D managers are eagerly searching for new ideas to enhance employee growth. However, the advent of generative AI tools poses a challenge to traditional instructional design methods, urging L&D professionals to swim upstream and adapt. The ability to learn quickly is becoming a highly valued skill, and the notion of lifelong learning is becoming a standard expectation. However, this rapid pace also has a downside.

Sometimes, the stress resulting from this “need for speed” in professional development can even lead to burnout, decreased job satisfaction, and a decline in overall mental health. The increasing demand for accelerated learning and constant adaptability puts pressure on professionals to perform at their peak at all times. Bersin emphasizes the massive market opportunity for AI technologies in corporate learning, driving the focus on innovative solutions that integrate learning into daily work, enhancing employee growth, and learning in the flow of work. The demand is for AI tools that can make this process efficient and convenient, presenting a substantial market potential for such technologies. However, he cautions that L&D professionals must prepare for the imminent disruption of their roles as generative AI tools automate various aspects of content creation and delivery. New AI tools have the opportunity to streamline managerial work significantly. Automating mundane tasks saves managers time to focus on strategic decision-making and team-building. Additionally, AI aids in data analysis, enhancing efficiency and productivity while allowing managers to focus on critical tasks needing expertise.

Bersin encourages L&D professionals to understand and experiment with AI tools, leveraging them to enhance deep skills development, soft skills education, and high-fidelity content. Teams face imminent disruption as generative AI tools threaten to automate content creation, assessments, teaching guides, and more. The impact on job roles is clear: adaptation is key. Despite the troubles, Bersin reassures L&D professionals that their expertise and problem-solving abilities are still essential in guiding the responsible use of AI and focusing on areas that truly require human intelligence. Despite their capabilities, AI models lack context and understanding, often leading to inaccuracies and biases. They emphasize the need for human guidance, responsible use of AI tools, and higher education’s role in training future leaders to manage and leverage these technologies effectively. Ultimately, higher education must embrace emerging technologies while augmenting human capabilities.

The enthusiasm surrounding AI in EdTech is unprecedented, and the potential for growth and innovation is limitless. Josh also highlighted: “The L&D and learning community is the most creative market of “tinkerers” I have ever worked with.” The future of learning lies in embracing AI tools, understanding their capabilities, and experimenting with their applications. As the industry undergoes rapid transformation, L&D professionals have the chance to breathe new life into their roles, focusing on impactful skills development and leveraging AI to enhance learning experiences. The road ahead may be uncertain, but it promises an exhilarating ride filled with groundbreaking possibilities for the EdTech landscape.