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5 Executive Education Courses That Offer the Best Value for Your Time and Money4 min read

March 11, 2020 3 min read


5 Executive Education Courses That Offer the Best Value for Your Time and Money4 min read

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“You can’t rush a good thing.”

When it comes to personal or professional development, this familiar saying certainly holds true. Patience and perseverance are keys to reaching one’s goals – no matter the context.

That being said, the majority of us who want to improve our professional skill set and executive career prospects don’t have endless time or money to spend. We have to be strategic in our approach while ensuring we don’t sacrifice on quality.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for executive education that offer outstanding value for both time and money. If spending several years (or several hundred thousand bucks) on an MBA doesn’t sound feasible to you right now, then this list of high-value executive education programs is for you. 

Executive Transition Program (ESMT); Berlin

Mastering the transition from a specific, functional role into general management requires both dedication and skill. Leave it to ESMT to help you assume your new role with confidence and ease. The 24-day program, spread over seven months, combines residential modules with inter-modular activities to take you on an intense learning journey. 

Module 1 guides you through critical management questions and answers. It highlights core managerial competencies, ensuring that you are equipped to handle critical basic functions such as operations, marketing, sales, IT, finance and accounting. Module 2 focuses on general management perspectives and cross-competencies; it is the more strategic aspect of the course, where you will understand the role of digitization and innovation in effective modern management.

At the end of the course, you will receive the prestigious ESMT Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Management.

General Management Program (Wharton); Philadelphia

Established entrepreneurs and proven managers take note: this program from Wharton is the ideal avenue for accelerating knowledge, injecting a fresh perspective into your management style and preparing for new challenges ahead. 

This flexible and customizable course will allow you to choose from a variety of open-enrollment programs, plus give you access to a global network of subject matter experts, executive coaches and over 96,000 alumni. 

Enjoy perks such as executive coaching, a Wharton email address and access to Wharton clubs and forums. Return to your organization with functional management expertise, strategic insight, holistic proficiencies and powerful partnerships that will help you lead your business to success.

Transition to General Management (INSEAD); Fontainebleau

A list about the best value management programs would not be complete without INSEAD’s 28-day flagship program, which uses the school’s unique value-focused Blue Line Management concept. The curriculum operates under the notion that businesses ultimately need to maximize value, and management strategies should be optimized to achieve this goal.

If you are an established senior manager, you can participate in this program, where you will learn through group work, case studies and discussions and master these core competencies: business foundations, leadership development and managing for value. 

General Management Programme (GIBS Business School); Johannesburg

Branded as more than just a management program, this course from GIBS takes participants on a personal journey of discovery and growth. The 360-degree educational approach begins with pre-program online assessments, and follows with the multi-faceted program itself, which consists of on-campus contact blocks, international travel, individual coaching and business simulation.

It takes just eight months to complete the GIBS program, and by the end you will be able to confidently and successfully lead a business entity from a general management standpoint.

Executive General Management Programme (Indian Institute of Management); Bangalore

Diverse backgrounds are a cornerstone of the Executive General Management Program (EGMP) from the Indian Institute of Management. If you are a mid-career professional or graduate with at least five years of management experience, you will benefit from the program’s peer learning focus – complete with discussions, role playing, games, networking and a world-class curriculum. 

To help functional managers transition into general roles, the course covers crucial areas including business environment, individual and organizational competencies, functional knowledge in key business areas and strategic perspective.

Finding exceptional value in executive education

Not all executive programs have to break the bank or involve an anxiety-inducing time commitment. With some careful goal setting and planning, you’ll find plenty of options around the world for value-driven general management, advanced management or management transition courses. 


For more recommendations based on location, price point, topic and more, visit and find the course that’s suitable for you.

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