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Wharton's General Management Program (GMP) for Senior-Level Executives
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
USD 69000
USD 69000 per day

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As an established entrepreneur or a successful senior executive, you’ve already proven yourself through your business accomplishments and professional journey upward. But, you may be asking yourself, what’s next? The General Management Program (GMP) is a unique opportunity for successful executives to accelerate their potential by infusing new knowledge and to prepare for new challenges ahead. With the help of our professional executive coaches, the program allows you to tailor your learning journey to your specific needs.

At the completion of the program, you will acquire more than just management skills; you will possess a richer understanding of global business, relevant strategies for growth, and new ways to apply this knowledge to propel you and your organization to success.

Program Highlights & Benefits

In the General Management Program, you will enjoy:

  • The flexibility to select from a wide variety of open-enrollment programs
  • The ability to customize your education to your specific experience and career goals
  • The opportunity to build a global network through the many Wharton learning communities in which you will be immersed
  • One-to-one coaching and support from Wharton’s team of expert executive coaches
  • Wharton alumni status, becoming part of a global alumni network with more than 96,000 members

Experience & Impact

The General Management Program consists of six open-enrollment programs, including two electives. GMP is designed to be completed over two years, but you may complete it in only two trips to Wharton's Philadelphia campus by enrolling in multiple programs.

Once your application is accepted, you’ll have the flexibility to customize your education by choosing your four core programs from our wide selection of open-enrollment offerings. You may choose one program from each of the following functional business areas:

  • Finance & Wealth Management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Strategy & Innovation

Your two electives further personalize your experience. You’ll have the ability to carefully choose each program and customize your education to your exact career goals. Click the Eligible Programs tab on this page to see a list of eligible programs.

Throughout your learning journey, you’ll experience highly personalized service from Wharton. From the application process and program selection, to executive coaching and one-on-one feedback, you’ll have world-renowned business experts to support and guide you.

At the completion of the program, you’ll return to your organization with:

  • Functional business acumen that will prepare you to lead your organization — and career — toward success
  • Strategic insight that will strengthen your customer relationships as well as your impact within your company
  • A new proficiency and understanding of the financial aspects required to successfully lead
  • A powerful network of peers and industry leaders from a variety of learning communities

The General Management Program provides a distinguished academic experience like no other. It’s an exclusive learning journey that allows you to customize your education to your specific knowledge base and continuing career goals.

Four core programs are required, combined with two electives, to allow you to make the experience truly your own. The end results will be powerful professional development, a global peer network, and the pride of having a Wharton education.

At the completion of your program, you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your distinguished accomplishment as well as Wharton alumni status, including:

  • A Wharton email address
  • Full access to Wharton Alumni Clubs and Global Alumni Forums

Executive Coaching

A highlight of the General Management Program is the inclusion of executive coaching. Your coaching begins on campus after you attend your first GMP program with an introductory session to review the requirements of coaching. If you choose to take advantage of coaching, you will complete a personality assessment and a 360° tool to collect feedback from your organization. Next, a goal-setting session will help you identify the specific outcomes you want to achieve through GMP. You will then meet with your executive coach to create a leadership development plan that both leverages your existing strengths and identifies opportunities for growth. This leadership development plan will be tailored to your organization’s specific needs, recognizing the most valued leadership skills and traits that are necessary for you to succeed in your current role and beyond.

You will receive a maximum of six coaching sessions. As you work with your executive coach over six sessions throughout GMP (held in person, online, or a combination of both), you will make stronger connections between your leadership behaviors and performance. You will also work on active behavioral modifications needed to achieve your desired outcomes and attain greater success. In a final session, you will assess your progress and set goals for future growth and development.

Eligible Programs

Finance & Wealth Management

Strategy & Innovation

Marketing & Sales

Leadership Programs

Who should attend

The General Management Program has been developed for business owners/entrepreneurs and senior business leaders whose professional success will be complemented by focused professional business development, and who recognize that a Wharton credential provides a powerful, competitive advantage in today’s global business world.

Admission criteria include:

  • At least 10 years of managerial experience
  • Significant career achievement
  • Leadership responsibilities


Professor Jagmohan S. Raju is the Joseph J. Aresty Professor and Director of the WhartonIndian School of Business Program. He serves as the Vice Dean of the Wharton Executive Education program. Professor Raju is internationally known for his research on pricing strategies, coupon programs, managi...


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Detailed Description

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On demand
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
USD 69000
USD 69000 per day

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