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Expert Voices - Xavier Baeten – Professor of Management Practice – Vlerick Business School


Vlerick Business School Executive Education
Professor of Management Practice

Xavier is an expert in how rewarding can help organisations achieve their strategy and give  them a competitive advantage.

Xavier Baeten obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from Ghent University in 1991 and a Master in Tax Legislation and Accountancy from Vlerick Business School in 1992.

In 1996, together with Prof Dr Lutgart Van den Berghe and Mr Peter Leyman, he established the Volvo Research Roundtable ‘Employee Benefits’. In 2000 he broadened the research scope of this centre to include strategic rewarding. In 2006 he established the Executive Remuneration Research Centre. Today he heads up the Vlerick Reward Centre (composed of 2 knowledge- and research centres; the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards and the Executive Remuneration Research Centre) which has long-term collaborations with more than 40 firms that participate regularly in the centre’s workshops and take part in its research. The centre also provides executive education programmes in the field of strategic rewards and executive remuneration.

Xavier is an independent member of various remuneration committees and teaches the course on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility in the MBAs.

In February 2012, Xavier Baeten successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on the link between firm-level corporate governance characteristics and CEO remuneration. He achieved his degree of Doctor in Applied Economic Sciences from the faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University.


Job Title : Professor of Management Practice

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Corporate Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Executive Remuneration
Governance & Ethics
Strategic Rewards

Xavier is an expert in how rewarding can help organisations achieve their strategy and give them a competitive advantage.As founder of the Vlerick Reward Centre (composed of 2 knowledge and research centres: the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards and the Executive Remuneration Research Centre), Xavier has a unique focus on and extensive experience in reward management. His favourite topics include: total rewards, translating business strategies into reward policies, developing reward strategies that work, pay-for-performance, reward communication, age-conscious rewarding and employee motivation. For Xavier bridging theory and practice is the key which he does by combining a strong academic record with close collaboration with a large number of organisations.

Since 2006 Xavier has broadened his scope to include also corporate governance and more specifically executive remuneration. Xavier completed a practically focused Ph.D. in this field. The Vlerick Reward Centre has developed a large Europe-wide database on executive remuneration which is updated yearly.

Xavier is frequently requested as speaker by employer and employee associations the media and the political world. Further, he is member of a number of remuneration committees and advisory boards

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