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Associate Practitioner-in-Residence, Southeast Asia Studies Program



  • Intelligence
  • International Relations
  • Strategic and Security Issues
  • Terrorism

Background and Education

Former deputy national security adviser to the vice president, chief of Policy at the US Pacific Command, and deputy director for Policy Planning (East Asia and Pacific) in the Office of the US Secretary of Defense, Colonel, USAF (Ret.); also held various positions in the US intelligence community; retired US Air Force colonel; adviser to the Hart-Rudman Commission on National Security in the 21st Century, the National Commission on Terrorism and the Deutch Commission on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; president of The Sorrento Group, a defense and foreign affairs consulting firm; MA, American studies, University of Hawaii.  

Professor Wise will be on leave during Academic Year 2018-19. To reach him, please call him or email him at the contact information on this page.

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