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VoicesTODAY asks Tan Teck Huat: Can we do even more for our pioneers?
Tan Teck Huat - Top 10 Trainer (SIM PD Trainer Appreciation Award 2016)


SIM Professional Development
Professional speaker, speech and voice trainer and author

Tan Teck Huat has been an instructor in presentation skills and public speaking course since 1976. To date, more than 15,000 participants have attended his 2,000 seminars in Singapore and overseas.

He has been a regular voice trainer for teachers (Ministry of Education) from 1996 to 2004. He is a Gold Medallist (Public Speaking) LAM and holds the following credentials: Teachers Diploma in Public Speaking (Guildhall, UK), Diploma in Public Speaking (London College of Music, UK), Certificate in Voice Studies (UK).

Mr Tan is a professional speaker, speech and voice trainer and author of two books, (1) Better Spoken English: Phonics, Phonetics and Voice Training and (2) Phonics and Phonetics for Parents, Tutors and Teachers.

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