Srivardhini K Jha

Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore


Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Professor Jha joined NSRCEL as a faculty member in Dec 2015. Prior to joining IIMB, she worked as a researcher with the McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics. She has an FPM in Corporate Strategy and Policy from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and BTech in Information Science and Engineering from Bangalore University. Prior to moving into academia, she has held several senior managerial positions at Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Infosys. Professor Jha’s research focus is on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the emerging country context. In particular, she studies Corporate entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurship and Hybrid organizing. She has published in several peer reviewed international journals such as MIS Quarterly, MIT Sloan Management Review, Management International Review, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences and others. She is a regular presenter at the Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, and Strategic Management Society conferences.

Published Papers

  • Jha, S.K., Dhanaraj, C. and Krishnan, R.T. (forthcoming). Arbitrage to Global Innovation: Evolution of Multinational R&D in Emerging Markets. Management International Review.
  • Jha S.K. (forthcoming). Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead. IIMB Management Review.
  • Jha, S.K., Pinsonneault, A. and Dubé, L. (2016). ‘Evolution of an ICT Platform-enabled ecosystem for poverty alleviation: The Case of eKutir’. MIS Quarterly, 40 (2): 431-445.
  • Jha, S.K., Parulkar, I., Krishnan, R.T. and Dhanaraj, C. (2016. ‘Developing New Products in Emerging Markets’. MIT Sloan Management Review, 57(3): 55-62.
  • Dubé, L., Jha, S.K., Faber, A., Struben, J., London, T., Mohapatra, A., Drager, N., Lannon, C., Joshi, P.K. and McDermott, J. (2014). ‘Convergent innovation for sustainable economic growth and affordable universal healthcare: Innovating the way we innovate’. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1331(1), 119-141.
  • Jha, S. K., McDermott, J., Bacon, G., Lannon, C., Joshi, P. K. and Dubé, L. (2014). ‘Convergent innovation for affordable nutrition, health, and health care: the global pulse roadmap’. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1331(1), 142-156.
  • Jha, S. K., and Krishnan, R. T. (2013). ‘Local innovation: The key to globalization’. IIMB Management Review, 25(4), 249-256.
  • Krishnan, R.T. and Jha, S.K. (2012). ‘Innovation in Indian Automobile Industry: Role of Academic and Public Research Institutions’. Asian Journal of Technology Innovation, 20(1): 67-84.
  • Krishnan, R.T. and Jha, S.K. (2011). ‘Innovation Strategies in Emerging Markets: What can we learn from Indian market leaders’. ASCI Journal of Management, 41(1): 21-45.

Case Studies and Book Chapters

  • Jha, S.K., Krishnan, R.T., Dhanaraj, C. and Buche, I. (2015). ‘Innovation in Emerging Markets’ (A two-part Case Study of Cisco’s ASR 901), IMD: 7-1657, 7-1658.
  • Moore, S., Jha, S. K., Mishra, S., Ross, D., Allen, S. and Dubé, L. (2015) ‘Innovation in Evaluation to Inform Policy Convergence: Complex Systems Approach to Access Entrepreneurship-driven Intervention in eKutir’s VeggieKart’. In Evaluation for Sustainable Experiences and Learning, edited by A. Brahmachari, R. Agrawal, S. Ghosh, N. Bohidar, Section V: Chapter 21, Astral, 2015.
  • Dubé, L., Jha, S.K. and McDermott, J. (2017). ‘Pulse Value Chain Transformation Through Food Convergent Innovation for a Healthy Diet’. In “Pulses for Nutrition in India: Changing Patterns from Farm to Fork”, edited by Devesh Roy, P.K. Joshi and Raj Chandra. IFPRI: Washington, D.C.

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