Analysts' Effect on Companies in the Midst of Disruptive Technological Change


Carlson School of Management


PhD 2002
Management Columbia University

MBA 1989
Stanford University

BS 1982
Economics University of Minnesota


Organizational learning and innovation

Management of technology and innovation

Influence of institutional pressures on firm innovation

Mary Benner is a Professor in the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Department.  Her research, at the intersection of organization theory and strategic management, explores how firms innovate and adapt to technological change. She has studied the effects of systematic process management practices such as ISO 9000 and Six Sigma on firms'' innovation and responses to new technologies, and is currently examining the influence of financial markets and securities analysts in how established firms adapt to technological change. Her research is published in leading academic journals and has won several awards, including the Academy of Management Review''s Decade Award and Best Paper Award.  She is an Associate Editor at Administrative Science Quarterly and was previously a Senior Editor at Organization Science.  She also serves on the editorial board of the Academy of Management Review.  She holds a PhD in management from Columbia University, an MBA from Stanford''s Graduate School of Business, and a BS in economics from the University of Minnesota. She was an assistant professor in the Management Department at The Wharton School from 20012010, and prior to that also held managerial positions at Honeywell and as a consultant.

Selected Works

Mary J Benner and Ram Ranganathan, 2017. Measuring up? Persistence and change in analysts' evaluative schema following technological change. Organization Science, 28(4):760780.

Mary Benner and Joel Waldfogel, 2016. The song remains the same? Technological change and positioning in the recorded music industry. Strategy Science 1(3): 129147

Mary Benner and Todd Zenger, 2016. The lemons problem in markets for strategy. Strategy Science, 1(2):7189.

Mary Benner and Michael Tushman, 2015. Reflections on the 2013 decade award: “Exploitation, exploration, and process management: The productivity dilemma revisited” ten years later. Invited paper, Academy of Management Review (40) 4: 497514.

Mary J. Benner and Ram Ranganathan, 2013. Divergent reactions to convergent strategies: Investor beliefs and analyst reactions during technological change, Organization Science, 24(2): 378394.

Mary J. Benner and Mary Tripsas, 2012. The influence of prior industry affiliation on framing in nascent industries: The evolution of digital cameras. Strategic Management Journal, 33 (3): 277302.

Mary J. Benner and Ram Ranganathan, 2012. Offsetting illegitimacy? How pressures from securities analysts influence incumbents in the face of new technologies. Academy of Management Journal, 55(1): 213233.

Mary J. Benner, 2010. Securities analysts and incumbent response to radical technological change: Evidence from digital photography and internet telephony. Organization Science 21 (1): 4262.

Mary J. Benner and Francisco Veloso, 2008. ISO 9000 practices and financial performance: A technology coherence perspective, Journal of Operations Management, 26(5): 611629.

Mary J. Benner and Joel Waldfogel, 2008. Close to you? Bias and precision in patentbased measures of technological position, Research Policy, 37: 15561567.

Mary J. Benner, 2007. The incumbent discount: Stock market categories and response to radical technological change. Academy of Management Review, 32: 703720. (lead article)

Mary J. Benner and Michael L. Tushman, 2003. Exploitation, exploration, and process management: The productivity dilemma revisited. Academy of Management Review, 28: 238256.

Mary J. Benner and Michael Tushman, 2002. Process management and technological innovation: A longitudinal study of the photography and paint industries. Administrative Science Quarterly, 47: 676706

Current Activities

Administrative Appointments

Academic Director, Carlson Ventures Enterprise, 20102014

Editorial Appointments

Associate Editor, Administrative Science Quarterly

Editorial Board: Academy of Management Review

Senior Editor, Organization Science 20122014

Honors and Awards

2010 Best Paper Award in the Technology and Innovation Management Division of the Academy of Management

Winner of the 2009 Stan Hardy Award for an outstanding paper published in the field of operations management

2003 Academy of Management Review Best Paper Award.

2003 Outstanding Dissertation Award, Academy of Management Business Policy and Strategy Division.

2013 Academy of Management Review Decade Award

Best Student Paper Award, Technology and Innovation Management Division, Academy of Management, 1999.

2004 Excellence in Teaching Award, The Wharton School

2011 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Academy of Management Review

Scholarly Service

Officer, Business Policy and Strategy Division, Academy of Management (2014present).  Currently Division Past Chair

Elected Representativeat Large, Technology and Innovation Management Division of the Academy of Management, 20072009.

Member, Research Committee, Business Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management, 20062008.

Executive Committee, Business Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management 20112013

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