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The EMBA Experience In India | Faculty Focus with Jean-Louis Schaan - Jan. 2013


Ivey Business School
Professor, General Management, International Business & Strategy

Jean-Louis Schaan, Professor of Strategic Management and International Business, has extensive teaching experience in both degree and non-degree executive education. Teaching in executive programs in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, he has made a contribution to education that encompasses the globe. The recipient of awards for excellence in teaching, he received special recognition from both the Ivey Business School and the University of Ottawa. Jean-Louis has co-authored the books Cases in Alliance Management: Building Successful Alliances and Le partenariat: stratégies et modes opératoires. In addition to teaching, he advises executives internationally and has twenty years experience serving on the Board of Directors of companies. Clients: Perle Auto Europe, Lixar IT Inc., Bisson Varona and Associates Incubator Company Inc., La Fondation RGA-Michel Cloutier, Morrison Lamothe Inc., Davidson Industries Inc., Camplast Inc., Canadian Club of Ottawa and Atlas Medical Resources.

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