University of Idaho
OGE Energy Corp. Safety Culture

Jean Leger, Jr. has 30 years in the energy industry including work in the crude oil refining, natural gas midstream and electric segments. He has served with OGE Energy Corp. for 20 years. He is currently vice president of operations for OGE’s electric utility OG&E. Prior to this he served as vice president of operations for OGE’s midstream pipeline company Enogex, LLC. Jean began his career with Du Pont/Conoco supporting worldwide refining operations advanced technology development in the areas of hollow fiber membrane gas separation and carbon fiber processes. He also served in various operations and engineering positions with Sun Refining and Marketing. Jean holds a MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arkansas and conducted research in microbial enhanced oil recovery. He has served on various energy industry and non-profit boards and councils. Jean is married to Patty with children Michael, Gina and Krista.

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